Denims and Skate Shoes


Hello there old self! :) Oh my, you are missed!!

Do you guys agree? This is soooooo much like the old Reigne, right?! It feels great to be quirky and playful once in a while. Or must I say AGAIN?!


This denim jacket and denim skirt are my favorites but I never thought I’d one day pair them up. I still think its an overkill. Or I am just not used to the idea of wearing denim on denim until today?! I just can’t resist the wonderful ombre look that I got when I pair them up. The faded skirt complimented the jacket so well. They look like a match made in heaven for crying out loud!


I just have to mention that I got these babies to blame for this cute look! Usually, I would pick one piece on my wardrobe and build my entire look based on that single piece. And since I so wanted to wear this gorgeous skate shoes I ended up wearing denim on denim. Which I so totally love!!


I so wanted to pair them skate shoes with a skirt. I am not a sneakers or rubber shoes or skate shoes kind of girl. So everytime I wear one, I make sure that I look as feminine as I can be so this Zara denim skirt is perfect! With those ribbons and lace details and the cute cut. So girly, so me!


This snakeskin top is just the cutest! It complimented my skirt so well by balancing out the girly-ness. I also love the fact it doesn’t scream snakeskin at all. It is a very “simple pero rock” piece and I love love LOVE it to bits! I can’t stop playing dress up on my mind and thinking of the tons of looks I could come up with this one. Yay! I’m excited.

IMG_5762-horzIMG_5761-horzIMG_5763-horzIMG_5767-horzIMG_5774-horzSnakeskin Top: Sinequanone from Paris | Denim Skirt: Zara | Denim Jacket: Basic House | Skate Shoes: Zoo York | Connector Ring: Random

My boss actually told me that I look like a doll with this outfit. Hindi ko lang nalinaw kung anong klaseng doll ang ibig nyang sabihin. Baka kasi manika ng mangkukulam at hindi barbie doll. Hahahahaha! :) Anyway, I so love this look. I feel so young and vibrant and carefree. I guess, I am now a fan of skate shoes. Yay!

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think about my look! Have a great week ahead.





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