Blue Swirls


This is a very old dress and has always been one of my favorites. Don’t you just love those swirly prints? It’s also made of super light fabric and is just waaaaayyy too comfy. :) It’s one of my old pieces that I just can’t bear to let go. I usually do a wardrobe clean out from time to time and sell some of the pieces I haven’t used or barely used and give away some that I no longer want to free up some much needed closet space. I believe that you must let go some of your fashion pieces and give way to your much newer love. Parang pag-ibig lang yan. Char!


Hello there Ayala Triangle Gardens! I am so happy that I am one tumbling away from you. Thank you for being my blog outfit backdrop. You are very much appreciated. :) Mwah!


Aaaawww.. I really am so much inlove with the print of this dress. They are so pretty. Lakas maka-saya! One thing I also loved about this dress is the fact that is makes me look slimmer. It must be the semi-puffed sleeves and the high-waisted belt thus making my waist looked teeny tiny. The dress length is also perfect for office wear.


They are testing the lights when we are taking this look shots. Yay! So you basically got a glimpse of The Ayala Triangle Lights and Sound Show behind the scenes. Harhar! Haven’t watched it actually. Will post some pics and maybe a video. :)


I wore my nude ballet flats for this look because I want my dress to stand out. Nah! Actually I left my heels at home and the wedges I left in the office just doesn’t look good with the dress. I usually wear flats once I’m out of the office to avoid any accidents. Haha! Some things are really just meant to be worn with the safety of the carpets. Anyway, you can never go wrong with nude flats! NEVER! They just make your entire look simple but who cares? Simplicity is beauty. Hahaha.. Who am I kidding? I still wish I’m wearing heels instead of flats.


IMG_5738Dress: Vintage | Nude Flats: Random | Earrings: Random | Cuff: Vintage | Mantra Bracelet: The Bead Shop | Skull Connector Ring: Random

So what do you think of my look? :) I’m currently down with the flu and is taking care of my brother who’s also sick. I miss work but I am so so so not feeling well. Being sickly is such a headcase. I wish I am healthy. :’(





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