Review: Brave


The moment I saw the trailer of this film, I just know I have to watch it. It’s a story of a princess who wants to change her destiny. A brave little girl who doesn’t want to be betrothed to some lame prince. And since I fell inlove with Katniss Everdeen, seeing another girl who can hold a bow and arrow like an extension of their arms is a plus.

Little did I know that this film is all about Mothers and Daughters. :-P They say that daughters are much closer to their fathers and mothers to their sons. For some odd reason, we always hear mothers who’ll deliberately run their daughter’s life. This is exactly what the film is all about. And it ends with both girls understanding each other.

I must admit it did made me cry. Who wouldn’t? It’s one of those movie who shows the love of a mother to her daughter and how much a daughter can fight for her mother. It would really touch your heart. Because above all, the love of your family is one of the purest love you could ever feel. I know it. Because I am born in a family where love is abundant.

It’s a tear-jerker and a funny film. I love her little brothers. They are so adorable. It reminds me a little of my family. Although the funny antics of the little brothers of this film is exactly how my mother acts in our household. Harhar!

Be sure to catch this film. Bring your whole family if you can. And I hope the kids could learn something from here. And well, the parents as well. :)

Be brave everyone! Be very brave.


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