Review: the Hunger Games


Facebook! Twitter! People around me! Everyone’s going gaga over the Hunger Games…

I even posted my deepest desire to watch the movie on my Facebook wall. And friends commented that it is a must see. I was able to watch it kinda late when almost everyone around me has already watched the film.

I must say that it is indeed a good movie. The girl who played Katniss is gorgeous beyond compare and fits the very definition of Katniss Everdeen. Though I don’t like the men at all. I don’t know. I don’t find them charming or captivating. Or maybe because I loved the Katniss character so much that any guy won’t pass my standards anymore.

So. Did I liked it? Yes! I did. But not as much. :( Maybe because I kept my expectations too high. Don’t get me wrong. Unlike most who didn’t like the film, I didn’t read the book prior to watching but still I didn’t liked it as much as I expected.

I am no movie critic I tell you! I loved even the silliest film but maybe it’s just that I really expect too much and when my expectations wasn’t met, I got a little disappointed.

I didn’t like that animal thingy really! And what’s up with that shaky camera?? I understand what the director s trying to show really but hello?! On big screen? I got dizzy! And the fight scenes are not thrilling at all. I’m so sorry Hunger Games lovers but I hope you understand where I’m coming from. I was really expecting real fight scenes and “buwis buhay” moments but I didn’t get it. :(

Though overall, the movie is great. I loved the PBB in english/hi-tech version feel. And as I’ve said, I loooooovveee Katniss and her character in general. The love of a sister to her younger sibling. Her will to live. Her wit. Her strength. I remembered a friend’s comment on my FB page saying that this film “matches you – tough women in a good way” (his actual words) and I couldn’t agree more! Not only that it matches me but that it’s also a “woman film”. Of course I like the Tessa Prieto-ish peg of almost everyone at the Capitol. And who would forget that flaming wings entrance they did??? Also, I love the heart of the film. That Rue-Katniss scene made me cry (my sister cried harder!). And the wit behind the “love team” so they could survive.

I know why everyone’s hooked. I understand why it’s a top grossing film. I understand the beauty but I really think my bar was set too far up. I’m now reading the book. And obviously, it is waaayy better than the film (almost every book is anyway). After reading, I would love to watch the film again when its out on DVD and I’ll let you know if I had a change of heart. :)


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