I smiled and remembered the past…

G.p and I attended her nephew’s High School graduation ceremony in SM Taytay Activity Center. I went there to show my love and support to Jed who’s been like a brother and a son to me, specially since her mom passed away recently.

But little did I know that attending such would make me remember my own HS graduation. The buckets of tears we cried as we throw our graduation cap. The hugs from our dear teachers who’ve mentored us for 3 years (4 years for them). The tight group hug of my entire batch. The kisses from the lower years who went to see us leave. The picture taking on the LHS corridor. The love. The overflowing happiness. The fear of what to expect on college. The anxiety. The excitement. Everything. I remember it all. Back when I was 15 and didn’t know well. I didn’t even know back then if MA3E would still be friends even after HS. On that night, I am so afraid I’d lose all my friends and is afraid if I’ll ever gain one in college.

But now, after 12 long years! All I can do is smile and think that I’ve had the best high school experience ever. I’ve attended and was bridesmaids on the wedding of three of my best friends. MA3E until now is MA3E. We seldom see each other but we love each other so much. 3 of them now are already mothers while Marie and I are still enjoying our single life. Most of my classmates are out of the country. Some would go home once in a while and we’d see each other then.

High School indeed is the best. The time when your worst fear is your crush knowing you like them and your problem is that ridiculous pimple on your nose. I miss those times when I’d kiss all my small sisters and big sisters on the LHS corridor. Those times when we’d sing while Jessie plays the guitar. Those times when we’d clean our classroom and our lockers and realize that the last time we washed our sneakers was last year before the school term starts. Those times spent on the school quadrangle. All those laboratory works. Proms. And of course, OPEN FORUMS! The best!

Oh I miss High School. I miss being a kid. :)


Black Kenkoy Tee from SOLO | Black Bandeau worn as skirt from Landmark | Gray Jacket from the US | Black Slip-Ons from Draven | Huge White Cross Necklace from Divisoria | Huge Silver Flower Ring | Square Silver Ring | Drop Earrings


On G.p: Purple Top | Summer Skirt from Pink Soda | Red Flats from Mario d’Boro kids | Green Star Necklace


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