FINO Leather Wallet

I went home one evening and found myself holding a box from Fino Leatherware c/o of my Papa! :) I’ve been wanting to buy a decent wallet for ages now but it’s either too girly and bulky or too manly and corny! :) So imagine my happiness when I saw this perfect wallet from Fino! And the best thing is I didn’t spend a single cent for this gorgeous piece. Oh! I love my father, really! Mwah!
To those of you who’s not familiar with this brand, Fino is a proudly Pinoy luxury leather brand and is one of the best. I’ve been reading lots of fashion blogs about Fino and all are praises for their products. I was able to drop by their Mall of Asia branch and been eyeing a specific green satchel. Price tag is 7K plus plus though. :( Too much for the budget fashionista that I am. Most of my luxury bags are either a gift from someone or I bought on sale, as in super duper sale! I just hope someone who loves me dearly would give me the green satchel bag from Fino. Harhar!
Anyway, back on the wallet. I’ve been using mine for months and I must say that Fino is indeed a great brand! I mean, we all know that luxury leathers are known for their ability to look great even after using them for years. And it’s one of the reasons why they are priced much too high. Because you can use your LV after 10 years and it’ll look like brand new. Mine still looks like its fresh from the box until now. :) I love love love my wallet. And I love the fact that it has lots of spaces for cards and cash. I still keep my coins on my purse though. But the rest here really. It’s also not bulky at all. Which is perfect for my clutch. :)


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