Review: Dove Hair Therapy


I promised myself I’d use this product for quite some time before I actually do a review about it. I mean, I’ve tried so many products out there who’ll do wonders to your hair for a couple of days or a week until your hair get used to it so much that the wonders would be NADA. And so after a month of using the product, here goes my story…

Late last year, I had my hair trimmed and rebonded and colored. I know! I did too much in one go! But that didn’t end there. My hair would’ve been perfect if only I didn’t manage to burn it with too much ironing! Aaarrrggghh.. I don’t even wanna think about those days anymore. It’s too painful. I used to have a very long, straight (thanks to rebonding) hair that’s so pretty because my Tita who owns a beauty salon takes care of it and then in an instant, it’s gone. What’s left is a short, brown, BURNED hair. My officemates would really tease me everyday because the “sunog” is so obvious. No amount of ironing and blow drying could ever help! I also tried those conditioners with EXTRA moisturizing something but still nothing! I have a walis tambo for a hair! Literally!

And then came Dove…

I heard this on RXTMR and saw my favorite lady DJ tweet about it. Then one night, my sister went home and gave me one those free samples of Dove! I guess she didn’t know about it because she’s a bit skeptical when she handed me the pack. I know what’s running in my sister’s mind – probably something like “May shampoo na ba ang Dove?”.

And so I tried it and voila! Just exactly as what Delle said, I loved it on my first wash. I don’t know how but after using dove shampoo and conditioner (Intense Repair, the blue one), my hair looked alive. The burns are almost invisible, as if all of it is just a bad dream. I was gushing about it at work because everybody does notice the MAJOR change! Oh I hope I can post the before and after photo! Because words can’t describe how drastic the change is. Sabihin nalang nating, nabuhay ng Dove ang buhok ko! As in totally resurrected.

I continue to use it and simply forget my old shampoo and conditioner. As in I still have half bottle of both and until now, I can’t bear to use them. (I mean, I don’t want my hair to suffer anymore.) And in all honesty, my hair gets better and better with Dove. No more walis tambo look. No more burned hair. Just pure beautiful and healthy hair.

People who saw my walis tambo hair have been asking me what I did to resurrect it to its usual glory and they can’t believe I didn’t do another treatment but simply use Dove shampoo and conditioner. I guess Dove really is a miracle shampoo. I mean being able to resurrect my hair is the best proof I could ever give you!

Most of my officemates have switched already and G.p is now using the hair fall variant of Dove. I guess being able to witness the miracle it did on my hair, I didn’t need to even bother suggesting the product. They bought Dove the moment they heard it’s all I use. Now when people would tell me that my hair looks so pretty, even my officemates would say “Salamat sa Dove!”.

And oh by the way, Dove is still doing wonders on my hair until now. I guess hindi sya kagaya ng iba na magaling lang sa una. I am so in love with Dove I tell you! And I’m so grateful they came to the Philippines just when I needed it. I guess, we’re a match made in heaven. I am not gonna use any other shampoo from now on. My loyalty goes to Dove!


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