Review: Banana Leaf

It’s an all-time favorite. I remember the first time I tried this resto was with my college best friends and I really had a blast. Since then, it’s one of the most frequented resto by most of my friends because of their unique but very tasteful food menu, great service, affordable food and great ambiance.

My last visit however is one of the most memorable one. I went there with G.p to celebrate our monthsary. We dined, even ordered a steak mind you! When a guy approached our table and asked us if he could join us on the table to give way to other diners who happened to have kid with them. Though a bit pissed, we agreed. And then he started a conversation and we were just talking. Like normal strangers who happens to be on the same table. And then he told us to share the bill with his because he gets to have discounts on the resto. We didn’t agree initially but he insisted. And then, after paying our meal with his credit card, he didn’t let us pay! Swear! A stranger just paid our bill!! How lucky is that? I guess he must have liked one of us (or both?) because he asked for our numbers and friended us on Facebook. But he’s a total gentleman and is so nice.

Moral lesson? Share a seat, win a friend and maybe, if you’re lucky just like us, dine free!

Here are some of the photos, apologies if some are crap. I just used my old phone. :-)






2011-08-07 19.13.29

2011-08-07 19.13.40

2011-08-07 19.13.49


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