My 20cents worth…

I noticed that I am getting a bit more forgetful lately. More than my usual “makakalimutin” stunts. I was even joking some friends that I guess I have a memory disease of some sorts, having watched the Korean movie A Moment to Remember.

I guess it must be stress. Lack of sleep. Add the hiatus of Christmas. The recent event that I helped organize. The responsibilities that I need to handle. A lot actually.

I don’t know. I guess I really deserve some rest. Something I don’t think I’ll get soon. But Christmas and God and sharing and blessing and love always always surrounds me. I am one lucky girl. And I am thankful for everything that I have now.

Well, I think I must have missed ranting! I missed writing all my woes and my fears and pains and my stress and my disappointments.

I still have loads to blog. But I haven’t started on them yet. Loads of pics to edit. I don’t think I can ever finish them up. But I will. No matter how long it’ll take.


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