Chinoy King!

Robinson’s Otis has been opened for quite some time now. They had a couple of restaurants available though I haven’t tried any except Tokyo Tokyo because of my love to Japanese.

 Chinoy King Logo printed on their plates.
Very nice and very clean indeed.

So one lazy afternoon, G.p and I went there and tried Chinoy King. I was craving for some Siomai then. We also bring along our favorite baby Yuri and the ambiance of the resto seemed perfect for our baby.

This is their wall decor!
While most prefer paintings or murals, they have this.
Perfect! I want one for my room.

I ordered Siomai while G.p got their White Chicken and Pork Rice Bowl.

They also have this gorgeous overhead lamp.
My baby Yuri simply loves them.
We had him lying on the table and he was staring at those gorgeous lamps in awe.
I think I would also love to have them on my room.

I can say that their Siomai is awesome. Unlike the usual ones we get from LRT stations, these one is tastier and juicier. Their Siomai Dip is perfect for the yummy siomai.

Oh and these are the Siomai!
I know they didn't look so good on my pics but I swear they are much better once they hit your taste buds.
Php 40+.

The White Chicken and Pork Rice Bowl is actually a surprise for me. I mean, I thought these resto is simply like those “Chinese Fast Food Resto” that’s available almost everywhere. So my expectations are really set to low. But I was awed when I realized that theirs has the taste and quality of those much more expensive resto that we’ve tried. Plus they have a huge serving. I’m so glad I didn’t order one for myself because 1 order was enough for both us.

White Chicken and Pork Rice Bowl.
Php 100+ only!

So my verdict? I think I would be going back there sometime soon. And I’ll make sure to try their other offers on the menu.


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