Review: The French Baker

Eversince a.M and I watched The Baker King (a famous Koreanovela), we went gaga over breads! I am a bread person but I’m more of the ensaymada-pandesal-only type of girl. So I could say that trying out different breads from different “bakeries” is a new experience for me.

Of all our bread escapades, I could say that French Baker is my top pick. The dough is smooth and tasty. Not too sweet or bitter. They also serve different kinds of breads that are all mouthwatering to look at and eat. Plus, they also serve milkshakes! J Yey!

Hotdog and Cheese Bun for me.

Perfect place to dine.

Tune Turnover for a.M!

Our own little French breakfast.

And my all time favorite, Mango Milkshake!


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