Lunch Date at Bon Chon Chicken

I promised myself that this year, I would try as much restaurants as possible. Being someone who truly loves to eat but is always afraid to not fit into my jeans, this is a major challenge! Add the fact that the Ayala triangle, a tumbling away from my work, is now packed with the most awesome restaurants and I’m soooo dead! J
Goofing around while waiting for our orders.

It's uber-hot outside that I almost finished my drink way before our orders arrived. 

Anyway, a.M and I had our lunch date at Bon Chon Chicken at the Ayala triangle. Bon  Chon Chicken is a Korean restaurant famous in New York and some other major cities in the world that hit Manila late last year. Naturally, it’s packed! But we’re so glad we were able to get a table outside. Or maybe it’s mainly because it’s scorching hot without the convenience of AC.
a.M smiling despite the heat. Notice we both had our shades on! :)

Bon Chon Chicken serves one of the best chickens I ever had in my entire life. It’s a fried chicken coated with some special sauce that’s so yummy. We also ordered Shrimp (I forgot what it’s called J) that comes with a special sauce as well. This one also is a must try specially for shrimp lovers like myself.
Yummy Fried Chicken!

P135 for Chicken Wings Rice Box that comes with an iced tea. Not bad!
Coated Shrimps with sauce.

P145 for this Shrimp meal that also comes with an iced tea.


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