In The Name Of Love

Genre: Drama
a.M and I went to watch these movie without even having the slightest idea of what we're about to watch. We haven't checked out the trailer, or read forums or news. As in nada! But since it's Angel Locsin and Aga Mulach, we thought that's enough. And I'm so glad they did not disappoint us.

It's a real tear jerker. a.M was crying her heart out like everybody else. The story is something not really new but the way the movie was done is enough to have that "feel" that it was something unique.

The twist and the story line is something not remarkable but the director made a brilliant job. Add the fact that the actors are so great. Aga is a brilliant actor and he once again proven his worth in this movie. Angel has grown and matured. She made a magnificent job portraying her character. But Jake is a revelation. Jake has been a so-so actor. But he is exemplary in this movie.

Over all, I would recommend this to those who want to have a good cry. Good job!


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