And I Say I Miss You!

It has been three years now since that sad afternoon when you said goodbye, Nanay.

I know in time, I'd be ready to blog about you. But not now. Still not now.

I am still in pain and tears still keep on falling. My brain freezes and I am having that so-called memory gap.

But I would like the world to know that I Miss You So Much Nanay! I will forever miss you. And I will forever hold you in my heart. I hope you are still with me, with us. But who am I to question God's will? Who am I to ask for something more when you had already given us everything? You deserve that rest. And you deserve to be with our savior. I just hope I'd stop thinking that I still deserve to be with you. Happy Mother's Day Nanay. I love you with all my heart!

I would stop now. Keyboard is soaked with tears. And brain is on limbo.

And I am....

I am simply not okay with missing you.......


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