Review: Love, Rosie

Genre: Romance
Author:Cecilia Ahern

Love, Rosie by Cecilia Ahern is a story of two bestfriends, Alex and Rosie. They have been bestfriends since they were five.

These book is like a collection of letters, postcards, IMs, emails, etc. of Rosie Dunne which tells about her life and Alex.

Everyone knew that they were destined to be together except them. Almost everything seems to go wrong when it comes to them finding out they are inlove with each other.

Believe it or not, they only managed to be together when they're 50! And to think that they loved each other since forever.

Alex married twice and Rosie married once. They both had children and all. They both thought that they are just bestfriends but of course, people around them knew better.

I recommend this as a must read for those of you who's looking for a not-so-ordinary book.

Cecilia Ahern is the new IT author for us bookworms. Her other novels are superb!

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