Review: Love, Rosie (Cecelia Ahern)

At last! After ten thousand years, I’m done reading Cecilia Ahern’s novel, ‘Love, Rosie’ and I can finally give my verdict.

This book is a masterpiece. I never really imagined I’d enjoy reading a novel, which is so NOT a novel but rather a collection of emails, chat room conversations, snail mails, notes, IMs, postcards and greetings cards. It’s like rummaging on someone else’s private letter collection.

Being a big letter fan myself, I can really relate to it. Up until now, I still keep the old letters from my best friend and other High School friends. Once in a while, I would run across them while looking for some stuffs and I would find myself engrossed in reading. I would laugh my heart out at the silly stuffs that we are worrying so much, way back in high school.

I still keep those letters given to me by my two college best friends, even though we practically see each other every single day and night including weekends considering the fact that we are practically living in one place as we need to finish reports, projects and etc. Letters that aims to show support during the toughest times of our lives (usually this is during break ups).

Come to think of it, my life is literally full of letters and random notes. Now, instead of giving each other letters on a Papemelroti papers, we have board meetings, which is actually just a conference IM we do once in a while to keep in touch with each other’s lives. And like Rosie, this random conversation is a part of my everyday life and one of the things that’s keeping my sanity.

Anyway, although this book is such a fun read, knowing that it took 5 decades for Rosie and Alex to FINALLY be together, I can’t help but wonder if this is the right way to run our lives.

If only Alex or Rosie is brave enough to admit to one another earlier on their lives that they love each other, and then maybe, just maybe, things would be different. And well, no novel for me to read.

BRAVERY -- such a difficult word to define. Does telling your one true love that you love them be considered as bravery? Or is waiting until the right time is the braver thing to do? I don’t know. To be very honest, most of the time, I don’t even know if I’m being brave or I’m being stupid. I guess there’s a very fine line between bravery and stupidity.

These past few weeks have been such a difficult time for me. I’ve made things, say things, and do things that I wish I can consider as bravery and not stupidity. But one thing though that I learned from reading this book is that you should never ever regret a single thing in your life. Yes! Life is very difficult. Life would always ask you to do things and to decide on things. Most of the time you would question your decision but the most important thing is that you stick on your decision and face the consequences of your actions.

I may not consider myself as a perfect person, but who is? I may have done a lot of wrong things, I may have made a couple of wrong decisions (well, maybe wrong for others) but I am always glad I chose the path less traveled. I am glad I tried. Glad I wouldn’t wonder and ask what-if’s later in life.

I may have let go of a lot of good opportunities but I wouldn’t be who I am if not because of all those things and decision I did on the past. I may have let go of all the right person for all the wrong reasons but I learned. I am who I am. And I am proud of who I am.

Sometimes, reading a good book would make you feel better. Would make you realize that even though it seems like life is turning out all wrong, you would eventually find the rightness of them all.

I would recommend every girl to read this piece of book. You will be entertained. You will learn. And most importantly, you will have the chance to gossip and have a peak of Rosie’s private letter collection. :)


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