Rants! Rants! Rants

My head is in constant buzz lately due to:

  1. Too little sleep.
  2. A lot of tasks to do.
  3. Reports.
  4. Breakfast meetings.
  5. Board meetings.
  6. Ex-trying-to-win-me-back drama.
  7. Ex-trying-to-blame-me-for-the-breakup drama.
  8. Best friend having a whirlwind romance somewhere.
  9. Renovation of my folk’s place.
  10. The final episode of the PBB house.
  11. Problem at work.
  12. Pressure.
  13. Cancelled dentist appointment.
  14. BIR papers that must be processed.
  15. Bills to be paid.

And a lot more…....

The list would go on and on. You would probably be annoyed reading this site and would swear never to visit again. But what can I do? Am such a whine. And I felt like a bursting bubble again. So many things to share. Not enough words to express such emotions.

And just a couple of minutes ago, I had this conversation with someone so dear to me. Ok! I admit! I am not a good conversationalist every time I talk to her. I don’t know. My being Gemini seem to not work. I just rant and ask things and say things. I hate the feeling.

I am glad and yet not so glad. I am happy and yet not so happy. Am I making any sense? I don’t know. Maybe not.


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