Club Circa


From Left to Right: Ekang, John and Reigne. The BFFs of Club Circus

1 SMS received from Ekang: “fri k b 2nyt best?! Ü”

Reading those words as it flashed on my screen made me so giddy. OMG! I’ve been spending weekends alone in a two-storey apartment for what seems like forever. And my bestfriend’s asking me if I’m free on a Saturday night? It only means one thing, we’d chill. And well, I’m correct. The next thing I know, I agreed to chill out with her friends at Eastwood. I actually think twice since I’m on cleanse. My third day actually. And I don’t wanna stop. But I guess, I’m so bored at my life and I really need to get out or I’ll end up in one of those white rooms wearing white robe in a mental institution.

We agreed to meet at around 9pm. But the silly me decided that it’s the best night to have footspa which lasted until 9:30pm. L So I ended up hurrying and cutting my legs. And well, we we’re able to finally meet up at around 10:30. hehehehe..

We went to Transcomm first, hoping we’d catch some of her friends. But it turned out, the night would only be composed of Me, my bestfriend and her friend from work Jhon. But I can’t be more thankful that it’s just US. Coz by the end of the night, we turned out to be BFFs.

We meet up with Jhon at Eastwood, grab a bite, or better yet, Jhon grab a bite while I’m trying to get OL at Eastwood no avail. Missing a friend I promised to meet OL that night.

Anyway, we ended up at Club Circa. It was jam-packed. Whew! But well, we managed to have loads of fun! We go Club hopping. Grab some frappe at a Café. Went directly to my bestfriend’s flat where we take turns using my laptop and watched ten thousand videos. Laughed our heart out. And had so much FUN!

But, if you think we didn’t learn a thing from this experience, well! I’m so glad to present to you..

Our List of Lessons Learned:

  1. Don’t bring your laptop and a thousand bottled juices for cleansing when you go clubbing.
  2. “Be very careful next time.”

  3. Guest list are only up to 12 midnight.

  4. Before transferring to another club where you’re supposed to be guest listed, make sure you know the name of the friend who guest listed you.

  5. It is easier to get wi-fi access from the nearby Lugawan than in a posh place called Eastwood.

  6. Do not Par-tei kung hindi mo pa Day Off Atei!

  7. Wag magmaganda, kung tattoo lang ang may dating sayo.

  8. Hindi lahat ng celebrities, umaarte like celebrities.

  9. Don’t forget to wear your pants especially if you’re wearing a Yellow-almost-see-through TOP (it won’t even pass as a dress).

  10. Huwag tatapusin ang 7-part Vice Ganda videos in uTube kung nais pang maka-uwe ng buhay.

  11. Huwag makiki-table sa nakikitable lang dahil baka maki-table din sila sa inyo at agawin na ang table nyo ng tuluyan. :D

  12. If you’re on Cleanse, DO NOT go out with 2 evil BFFs or you’ll find your cleanse on Eastwood’s pavement right next to Susan Roces’ star.

  13. Starbucks at Eastwood is not 24/7. BUT McCafe is the next best thing.

  14. Nachos + Beer + Yosi = Life’s best treat!

  15. Pwede palang magsayaw ng bongga kahit 2 inches lang haba ng skirt mo? :-o

  16. Remember: those Red couches are for guest to sit at. Not for making out. Get a room!

  17. If you want to get fucked, just speak out! ;) Hindi yung sunod ka lang ng sunod sa Restroom.

  18. Normal people sleep after partei-ying all night! They don’t go online and watch uTube videos until 4PM.

  19. Loud music, room that smells like ashtray, dancing, loads of peeps, beer and a great DJ is the best thing in this world.

  20. You can have fun even if there’s only the 3 of you as long as you’re with your BFFs.


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