For Nicholas

I loved reading. Everyone who knew me would agree that I am definitely a bookworm. Some friends would often tell me (especially those that are not so fond of reading) that I read as if I siphon the words from the books. I can finish a novel overnight and start reading another one the following morning.
The list of my favorite writers is long. I have loads. But if you will ask me who’s the cream of the crop, aside from J.K. Rowling of course, the throne would go to Nicholas Sparks.
I have always been a fan of Nicholas Sparks. Well, ever since I read “A Walk To Remember”. A book I borrowed from a friend.
She said it’s a major must read. I remember reading the book in the wee hours of the morning under the sheets. My mom woke up because she heard me crying and asked if there’s something wrong with me. When I told her it’s the book, she looked at me like I’m nuts and went back to sleep. Since then, I always ask friends to read the book. I remember I asked an ex-boyfriend to read it and later admitted that it made him cry. My ex-boyfriend trained for the navy and is a Corps Commander. So I’m pretty sure that you’ll agree with me when I say that it should be one hell of a book.
Anyway, after reading “A Walk To Remember”, I bought a book of my own. A Nicholas Sparks book entitled “Message in a Bottle”. Up until this day, it remains to be my most favorite book.
After these two, I can say I was able to read a handful of his works. I make sure I buy or borrow a Nicholas Sparks book every time I heard a new book is out on the market. But lately, I was not able to read his works anymore. Not because I lose interest or what. But I tried to read works of other authors as well and I try other must reads.
But last week, my housemate let me borrow her copy of “At First Sight”. It’s a sequel to his other book “True Believer”.

For the past couple of years, I think Nicholas is losing his touch. Although his other books are good but they are not as good as his first works. A friend once told me she thinks the latest books are sort of trying hard. But after I finished reading “At First Sight”, I think otherwise.
I felt awed again. I am amazed once again how a simple book moved me. I think his works grew as I reached maturity. I remember reading “A Walk to Remember” when I was seventeen that’s why I felt really moved by the book since the story is about a young love. I felt like every word written there came directly from my heart. I loved tragedy. And his works would always show tragedy at its peak and it would always show tragedy as a blessing.
Now here comes a book about young marriage. At my age, marrying or I mean getting settled is something inevitable and something I’m looking forward. This book opened my eyes on the hardship of being married and of being a parent.
It moved me. This book is so light but with a major twist. It would make you ask why. But it would also make you feel blessed.
I am looking forward to reading “True Believer”. Nicholas says on his site that these two books are his best works up to date. And this would be saga of true love and undying devotion.

This blog entry is dedicated to the man who taught me almost everything I knew about love, the man who remains to tug my heart and make me cry. I’ll be looking forward to more books and more stories and more lessons learned.


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