(Originally posted on Blogdrive dd Tuesday, May 19, 2009)

wheeew! come to think of it..i was actually thinking of an outlet that's HONEY-FREE and wow! i remembered i do have my blogdrive account! yahoo!!

oh well! dont get me wrong..i mean! yes! i love my honey and its perfectly fine for me that she's got access on ALL my internet related accounts..like fster, multiply, my emails..etc etc..

but sometimes..oh well! sometimes i want something of my own! just my own! nothing too much..just enough to spill out everything am thinking and im feeling without hesitation..oh well! those who know me and my big fucking mouth (in this case hands)..would definitely agree that i do have the big tendency to be the world's biggest git..and sarcasm is my second nature..plus sometimes..i dont really realize am hurting my honey with my honest and deliberate opinion! plus the fact that my honey is uberly sensitive doesn't help that much huh..

oh well! what do i really like to write?!! alot actually..been going through alot but i just dont have time to post..hmmm...

maybe till next tym..am beginning to be non sense again...as always


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