Review: Dear John (Nicholas Sparks)

Finally finished reading this book. I’ve had a copy, like, 3 years ago pa ata but it’s only now that I got to finally finish it. I remember I started reading this when I was pregnant but the pregnant just wants to sleep back then.

Anyway, you all know (well, that’s if you’ve been reading me since time immemorial) that I am huge Nicholas Sparks fan. He is the only celebrity na pumila ako (and my bestfriend) para sa autograph. I just had to meet him personally. Kalurks!

But I have to admit that while he is still as brilliant as ever, he’s had some misses too. May mga stories sya na medyo waley for me. But I know I just have to read it because, well because he is THE NICHOLAS SPARKS. And that guy made me love reading novels and books. Book nya ang una kong binili using my own money.

Anyway, I am glad that I read Dear John. I watched the film 6 years ago but it’s only now that I got to read the book finally. Buti nalang din kasi I totally forgot the plot already.

Gosh. What can I say?

This books is really something. Forte talaga ni Nicholas Sparks ang pagpapakita ng “undying love”, usually he’ll kill off the main character to prove his point but this time it’s different. He made a character live to show people what real love is.

I’m not saying that this is an exceptional book. But this one stands out on its own. Because of the wonderful plot and twist. It was written as beautifully as I expected from NS. The words are powerful. The characters are engaging. What I love most is that they tackled an issue very close to me – people with special needs.

Dear John is a great story of love, family, of selflessness. Now I want to watch the movie again.


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