Review: For The Roses (Julie Garwood)


Oh wow! A little less than a week and I'm done reading this book. And it's not just any other book mind you.

As I've said on my IG post a couple of days ago (not following me yet? Follow, follow @reigningstill), I fell in love with Julie Garwood 15yrs ago. Around 2001. I was a freshman in college and one of my classmate lent me a Julie Garwood book. And all, as they say, is history.

I feel in love with The Bride and has been reading her works ever since. Researching about her, I found out that one of her all time best-seller is For The Roses which actually turned into a series. I have been looking for a copy ever since but I can't find one.

But last week, Saturday, after our Tagaytay getaway to attend a wedding of an office mate, I found a copy on the dark streets of Chino Roces. We rented a van and we asked to be dropped off on that street para mas madali sumakay. Cabs in Makati is crazy!

Anyway, I haven't been reading much lately. I've been juggling time between my work, my daughter and my blog. My work and my daughter are taking so much of my time already. I can't even blog these days. So reading has really taken a major back seat. Buti nalang nga I commute in the morning going to work, I have time to binge watch in iFlix.

But since I waited for 15yrs to read this book, di ko na talaga pinakawalan. I finished it kaninang mga 2AM. Hahahahah! I had to get out of the room coz the #FabSkye can't sleep with the lights on.

Anyway, it only took me 5 days to finish reading. Grabe!! I miss reading so much. Yung feeling that you'll get transported to a totally different world. Reading the hearts and mind of a character, falling in love with them. Haaaayy!!

For The Roses didn't disappoint. Di ko mabitawan talaga. The lives of the Clayborne brothers are so intriguing. And I just can't help but feel kilig with Mary Rose and Harrison's love story.

Julie Garwood is really a wonderful story teller. If you are a book worm like me, you would definitely love her. Did you know that I fell in love with the Scottish Highlands because of her? And my daughter's name is from Scotland too. Pero hindi sa Scotland ang plot ng For The Roses ah. It's in Montana and England (where my heart is).

I don't want to divulge much about the story, you can google that, but I really wanna tell you how much I love it. It will intrigue you, make you fall in love. It will give you a really nice picture of the Western America in the 1870's and it's so great to read stuff like that because only then you'll realize how beautiful our world is. How diverse our culture is and how much have changed or stayed. It feels so good to read and be transported into a different era, a different place. It's like travelling.

I really hope my daughter would get my love for books. My love for reading. Reading has helped me become the smart girl that I am today. I've learned a lot about people, culture, places - simply by reading. I grew up poor so travelling to far places is not possible. But reading helped me to not grow up ignorant.

I hope my daughter would find joy in reading too. And I pray that God would provide for us so I could take her to places she'd read on her books and experience it first hand.

How about you guys? Any bookworms? Share naman kayo ng all time favorite books nyo. And oh! I'll de-stash soon. I'll be selling some of my books over at the #FabSkyeUkay. Watch out for that.

Happy weekend!!!


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