Review: ArroZeria (Century City Mall, Makati)

ArroZeria in Century City Mall has been making buzz in foodie haven lately. Serving authentic Spanish cuisine, where rice is definitely a must-have – no wonder everybody wanna try them.

ArroZeria-Makati (2)

Their awesome industrial interiors and open kitchen surely gave that homey vibe. I love that they have wide windows that allow natural light. I wasn’t able to take a photo but their lightings are so cute. Taking foodstagrams are so much better here.

ArroZeria-Makati (9)

I love this corner nook. That beautiful, what is it? Chandelier? Piece of artwork? Centerpiece? Whatever! I just love it.

Here are some of the dishes we tried and my thoughts on each. Let’s do photoblogging now.

ArroZeria-Makati (7)ArroZeria-Makati (3)ArroZeria-Makati (4)Tabla de Pates (395php)

This appetizer is a sure hit to everyone. It has campagne, cochinillo & mushrooms, chicken pistachio & seafood terrine; with black olive, parsley and porcini mashroom mayonnaise dips. My favorite is definitely the chicken pistachio with black olive dip. Yum! But everything else are all yummy as well.

ArroZeria-Makati (8)Albondigas Con Champinones (375php)

This is another personal favorite. Beef and pork meatballs with button mushroom sauce and potatoes. Every bite is pure delight!

ArroZeria-Makati (5)Lengua Frita (380php)

Deep fried angus ox lounge coated in bechamel with tartar sauce dip. Sounds heaven! When we saw this, we really wanna try it out immediately. Such a unique dish (at least for me). I just find it a bit bland though. The tartar sauce doesn’t seem to compliment the lengua. I can’t really pinpoint what’s missing. But yeah, I find it a bit bland. Maybe some cheese would do the trick? Or a more salty dip?

ArroZeria-Makati (14)Arroz Con Costra Chorizo Y Gambas (750php)

This is rice with egg crust  topped with chorizo and shrimp. I love this dish. Specifically the part with lotsa eggs. The chorizo is nice contrast to the egg crust and the shrimp is just divine.

ArroZeria-Makati (10)Remochala Y Trigueros (250php)

I am not a big fan of beetroot. Though the green asparagus is love, I could till taste that beetroot aftertaste so I am not a fan of this dish. My fellow foodies find it yummers though.

ArroZeria-Makati (13)ArroZeria-Makati (12)ArroZeria-Makati (11)

And of course the stars of the show – PAELLA! You could have it al dente and thin or soft and wet. I think I love my Paella al dente but not too dry. Hahaha! Weird. I find this bland too but apparently, this is the authentic Spanish-style cooking. My taste buds are not Spanish-ready, me thinks. But the generous serving and toppings are worth every penny.

ArroZeria-Makati (6)ArroZeria-Makati (1)

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