Review: Tipsy Beans (Jupiter, Makati)

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Rainy days are coming, and the best way to warm up is definitely with a cup of steaming hot coffee. And so I wanna share with y’all my recent discovery. It’s this quaint coffee shop who just made my coffee experience a notch better and made my coffee a little hotter by adding a shot of liquor on it. Yep! Tipsy BeansTipsy Line offers coffee and dishes with a shot of liquor, making it extra special and unique.

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It’s a little coffee shop along Jupiter, Makati. They have a few tables inside and is very homey. My blogger friends says that it’s perfect if you want a change of scenery so you could write properly. And I have to agree. I could definitely see myself lugging my laptop, putting on my ear phones and typing away while enjoying a cup of coffee. #dreambloggerlife

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Their basic coffee brew is a blend of 3 coffee beansArabica, Robusta and Barako. I asked for a lighter version of these after hearing from my fellow foodie that it’s quite strong. Well, I love strong coffee but I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle this blend. And oh my! Matapang nga. And I had the mild version pa. But I love that it was strong but smooth.

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Only fellow coffee lovers would understand what I’m trying to say here. But I really find their blend smooth. I love my coffee black with sugar and it was heaven. Every sip was pure happiness.

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Irish Coffee (Hot: 95php | Iced: 105php)
Irish Cream on Coffee Rocks (95php)

From their Tipsy Line, we tried their Irish Cream on Coffee Rocks. It’s their Irish coffee but served with coffee rocks or iced coffee. As in their ice cubes are made of coffee!! How cool. Add a shot of liquor to it and it was awesome. I was initially afraid of how it’ll taste. I can’t imagine liquor on my coffee but it was surprisingly good. Sabi ko nga, life in Tipsy Beans is never boring. There’s always that kick on everything you try.

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Vietnamese Coffee (Black: 90php | With Sweetened Milk: 110php)

A fellow foodie got really interested on their Vietnamese Coffee. It’s known for being a strong coffee and is perfectly matched with condensed milk. I don’t have the courage to try this one but my fellow foodie loved it. Hmmmm.. Maybe next time!

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Milo Chupacabra (110php)

Again from their Tipsy Line, this Milo Chupacabra is a sure hit. This chocolate drink topped with milo and whipped cream is perfect for non-coffee drinkers but wants a little twist to their typical chocolate drink. Though they have a Sober version (no alcohol) of this which is Milo Godzilla (95php).

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Shark Infested Lemonade (70php)

This drink may be a mouthful and we had a great laugh saying it over and over again. Hahaha! But this one is truly a refreshing drink. Also spiked with alcohol, this drink is refreshing but would surely warm you up. Sabi sa inyo bawal ang boring sa Tipsy Beans eh.

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Bacon Milkshake (110php)

But my favorite is definitely their Bacon Milkshake!! Okay, I know everything with bacon is definitely a hit, but I never ever imagined drinking it. Wow!! This milkshake has bits of bacon on it and it was awesome! This one, thank God is under Sober Line, so no liquor. I could definitely drink this forever! Sarap!

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Now let’s go to their sandwiches…

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Cheezy Steak Bomb (120php)

Their sandwiches are served on this wooden block lined with wax paper. It also comes with a few chips on the side.

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Delectable Sisig Triangles (95php)

Out of the 2 that I tried, I love the Cheesy Steak Bomb more because, well, cheese! It was melted to perfection and the meat is just juicy and added to much flavor to sandwich. Their Delectable Sisig Triangle is also something very unique and yummy. And I find that they are reasonably priced too.

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Muchosnachos With Cheese (90php)

The owner says that they make their own cheese. And I must say that this made this dish especial and unique. You just really have to try it to know what I’m talking about.

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Drunken Hungarian Sausage & Mushroom (Regular: 140 | Huge: 198)

Would you believe that they also pasta on their Tipsy Line? Yep! Liquor on pasta! Whoah. I just wish it had more sausage on it but this is definitely worth a try if you love creamy pasta.

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Spicy Tuna Pesto (Regular: 140php | Huge: 198php)

I am not really a pesto girl but I surprisingly love this dish! It’s obvious that they use quality tuna and they are generous on their pesto sauce but not overpowering. The pasta was cooked al dente and there’s a fair ratio of tuna and pasta. Love it so much! This one is Sober though. So no kick of alcohol.

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Beer Battered Fish Fillet (Regular: 90php | Huge: 130php)

I wasn’t able to try this dish but my fellow foodies say it’s yummy. Well, at least I’ll have something to look forward to when I come back.

Tipsy Beans is really something worth trying out. Reasonably priced and yeah, not your typical coffee shop. If you happen to be on the area, go pay them a visit. Super worth it.

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