Blue Moon Collection by Caronia


One of the booths I visited last Blogapalooza 2014 is Caronia and our generous friends in Caronia gave us their latest collection.

If you’re a Filipino, this brand is probably not new to you. Despite the many nail spas and salons sprouting all over the metro, we all love our dear Caronia, you or your Mum probably have your favorite shade on your beauty closet for that instant nail re-touch if you don’t have time for a proper manicure. :) Or if you’re the type who loves nail art, I’m very sure you have a couple of Caronia bottles on your kit. Ganun natin ka-love ang Caronia! At ang nakaka-LSS nyang jingle nung 90’s.
Ca-Ro-Nia. Oh Caronia!

Anyway, fast forward to 2014 – Caronia is still here offering us what they do best. Quality nail polish at an affordable price.

Caronia teamed up with Ballet Philippines and came up with the Blue Moon Collection to
Celebrate life's special moments with color, grandeur and sparkling nails! (lifted from

The Blue Moon Collection actually comes in 3 bold colors to make occasions even more glamorous:
(1) Bourrée, a metallic brown shade that reminds us of sweet chestnuts during Christmas; 

(2) Avant, a frosted emerald green shade that perfectly sets our mood for the season; 
(3) Chassé, a regular polish with a royal blue shade that sets the elegance of ballet on your nails. (lifted from
So yep. There’s actually 3 nail polish on the set, not 2 as what you can see on the picture. Kinuha na kasi ni Mila yung Bourrée at ayaw ng isoli. Ang ganda daw ng shade.

Funny thing is I’ve been meaning to buy a blue polish before the Blogapalooza event and make it my “default” polish. I used to use black all the time but the #FabSkye wants colorful nails so I think blue is a good option. Buti nalang hindi pa ko nakakabili. Caronia’s Chassé is perfect! I wore it on the MBP Halloween Party here:

Chase-Caronia  So pretty right? And very glam. :)

While this, by the way, is Avant in action.


This is a good alternative for Chassé on days that I want a little darker hue on my nails.

I wasn’t able to try Bourrée yet because Mila got it even before I could say “Caronia!”.But she showed me her hands while wearing it with a wide grin on her face. Ang ganda daw sa kamay. I asked if I could take a picture for the blog but she refused. Panget daw kamay nya. Yung nail polish maganda, kamay nya panget. Hahaha

What I love on the Blue Moon Collection is that it’s perfect for Morenas. The colors are really formulated for the Filipinas. I hate it when I like a nail polish color only to realize that it doesn’t suit me. Alam mo yung nagiging nognog daliri mo after? But not this one. Lakas makaporselana ng kamay. I love it so much!

Another thing to note is that it’s quick dry. And when I say “quick”, as in it’s super quick. To think that I applied 3 coats of polish. Yep! Ganun po ako mag nail polish eh. Gusto ko yung putok na putok ang kulay. :) But still, after putting it on – I was able to breastfeed in about 3minutes. And for us mums, and girls on the go too, it’s something we want diba? Quick dry nailpolish for that quick retouch before heading out. :) Good job Caronia for that!

Head over here to know more about Caronia or like their Facebook page here to get updated on the latest Caronia collection.

Kahit mummies na tayo dapat go padin sa magandang kamay okay?


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