Review: Fairy Tale Fail (by Mina V. Esguerra)


The bestfriend has been bugging me to read a Mina Esguerra book for the longest time now. She’s already a fan, having read a couple of her works. I must admit I’m a bit curious but the pregnancy and the baby has kept me away from my beloved books for so long. So now after telling me that a Mina Esguerra book is actually on Wattpad, I immediately obliged and read up. Glad I did!

Fairy Tale Fail is probably a typical love story. A girl got her heart broken by “I thought Mr. Right”. Girl wanted to get back to her "prince charming” and along the way, she met The One, which is soooo far from the Prince Charming she had on her mind. Typical. But written in such a nice way that you’d find yourself so engrossed on the story.

Mina Esguerra is a good writer I must say. She has this way of telling her story in a straight forward kind, without the hoolabaloo. Unnecessary details are omitted. Not providing too much information and yet gave details that are refreshing and engaging. It’s such a fast read but it’ll make you smile after reading the last chapter. The way you’d feel after a nice, yummy meal. Or a nice movie.

I love that it’s an easy read. I find that reading helped me relax a lot. I read everytime I pump and the good pumping output is a proof. I also think that reading is the main reason why I’m not suffering from post partum. All tiredness, all depression, every crazy is forgotten the moment I read up. And this book being an easy read helped me a whole lot.

I can’t wait to read on other Mina Esguerra books. The one’s highly recommended by my bestfriend. I honestly need to get my hands on them soon. And I hope I can get an ebook. I prefer ebooks now.

So yeah, if you’re a bookworm like me, do support our local authors and buy a Mina Esguerra. You won’t regret it. And yep! Grammars are all a-okay.





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