Trying To Make This Mommy Look Work

 I'm sporting a bigger frame.
I can't go on a diet 'coz I'm breastfeeding and I'm hungry all the freakin' time. And exercise is a no-no until I'm atleast 6months post partum because I'm still recovering from the CSop. And honestly, I don't wanna push it.
So right now, I am trying to get comfortable with my new body. This bigger frame. I am trying to work things out and trying to make my current closet work. I don't want to do a major wardrobe re-do because deep inside, I am still wishing that I'd be able to go back to my pre-pregnancy body in two weeks time. Not 2years nor 20years, please!
Vintage Top | Skirt: Maldita | Sandals: The Ramp | Earrings, Necklace, Cuff: Divisoria | Hot Pink Lippy: Victoria's Secret
Currently, my bestfriends are my comfy leggings, my stretch body con skirts. Oversized top or tops that are spacious on the tummy area and flats. I already gave away my heels. I just hope I was able to invest on more flats before getting knocked up instead of my heels coz right now, new shoes are not on my grocery list.
If there's one thing though that I realized is that, its actually okay to repeat clothes over and over and that people around you won't judge you. And also, I realized how great lipsticks are. I mean, my lipstick fairy godmother gave me lotsa and I've been using them everyday to add colour to my not so cute ensemble and honestly, they made me look like I exerted an effort in dressing up eventhough I only spent 5min tops. :)
And my hair! Oh gosh my hair! I can't wait for them to grow longer so I could finally have them fixed. I'm having a bad hair year already. Hahahahaha...
So there you go! I may not look my best now coz I'm chubbier but I feel like I am my best because honetly, I am prettier. Hahahahaha! My blog, my property, my right, my beliefs. Walang basagan ng trip.
Oh sha! I'm leaving you with this photo of me and my new peg.. Kalli! Papayat din ako katulad nya. Wait lang talaga!!!!



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