Let’s Party!

Hello 2014! :)
First post of the year and I’m so excited.
Let’s start with a #OOTD shall we?
This is what I wore on our company’s year end Party last December 5.
The theme is GALA. So we are expected to wear red-carpet worthy clothes. And I was like, I WILL NEVER EVER PULL A KIM K! Hahahahaha! Remember that epic floral dress she wore when she’s pregnant? The one that resembles a sofa? OMG!
Anyway, I was just supposed to wear this simple off-the-rack long dress from a maternity store that I saw a couple weeks before the party. But I’ve already reached my 3rd trimester without buying a single maternity item so I was really skeptical. And I’m thinking if it’s gonna worth it. I don’t want to spend on something I’ll wear once. As in just once! Hindi naman ako mayaman.
Good thing I was saved by this Maldita Dress. It’s not maternity but I got it 1-2 sizes larger than my normal size. The cut is just perfect and the design at the front is also perfect for the bump. Maybe this dress was meant for women who wants to hide their bulges hence that design on the tummy area. Thank you Fashion Goddess for this types of dresses.
I love that it’s one shouldered with a high-slit. It gave that perfect balance on the dress’ silhouette. The gold zipper at the front is also a nice detail.
P1030473-horz Dress: Maldita | Strappy Flats: The Ramp | Huge Drop Earrings in Gold: from Issa | Bangles: from Len
Decided to pair it with my nude sexy strappy flats I got from The Ramp. I can’t wear heels because The Companion will kill me and I wanna be comfy the entire night so I opted for nude flats to give the length I’ll be missing.
Kept my accessories to a minimum. Though I wore a huge drop earrings in gold and a bangle to match the zipper details of my dress. Also kept my make up simple. Just my BB cream, some nude eye shadow and a pale pink lipstick. I don’t wanna be flashy. My bump is a scene stealer already. Hahahahahahaha…
Here are some photos from that night…
I did the hair and make-up of these girls. :)
And here’s my best friend Erlie looking all fab! :)

How’s 2014 so far guys? I just spent the whole day sleeping. And eating all the left overs. But promise I’d go on a diet after the holidays. All healthy eating. Hahahahaha!



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