#Shopaholic: White Sandals from Payless

Last weekend, the sister accompanied me to The Medical City to ask my OB on how to deal with my allergic rhinitis. She advised me to pay an Allergologist a visit if my allergic rhinitis doesn’t ease up after 1 week. Actually, my only issue is the dry, itchy eyes. I am used to having clogged nose in the morning and I have been treating it with loads of water for the past months. I asked the OB if an Eye-Mo is okay for my eye issue and she said yes. Luckily, the dry, itchy eyes are now okay. Just the clogged nose and the occasional sneezing which I can live with for the meantime. I really don’t want to drink meds as much as possible while I’m pregnant so I try to treat everything with lotsa water. So far, so good.

After that OB visit, we give Payless a visit. My favorite sandals are from Payless. I get the ones on their kid’s section (I’m a whopping size 2!) and since its designed for the kids, the soles are not slippery at all. Perfect for the preggy momma! I was trying out a couple but I can’t find anything that suits my taste and my budget.

But the sissy saw these…

White Sandals!!!

I was supposed to get for myself but it looked waay better on sissy’s feet so I allowed her to get it. She’s a size 2 1/2. Sadly, the straps are a bit big on me but its okay. I still get to borrow it from time to time.

And the best part is.. it’s ON SALE! This pair costs Php 478!!! Smile Whatta score!! Borrowed it last Friday and it was uber nice! Yaaaayy!! I really heart Payless, especially if they’re on sale. I’m eyeing this specific pair, aantayin ko muna mag sale!! Ahahahahaha!





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