My Official Kim K Preggy Dress

I’ve had this dress since forever. And this is one of my most unforgiving dress…

I can only wear it during my non-chubby days because believe me, it hugs at all the wrongs places!! I remembered that the only time I was able to wear it with confidence is here. And that’s even because I put a cute vest over it to hide all the unwanted flabs.

So imagine my utter happiness when one day, in my desperate attempt to find a decent piece of clothing on my closet, I found this love!

It fits!! And fits perfectly!! Smile The front details are love because its perfect for my baby bump. It hugs my baby bump so well and I look oh so sexy, agree? I just wore a bandeau underneath it because my boobies are getting huge these days. Too much sexy-ness in one outfit so I must tone it down.

Eventhough I call this dress my official Kim K preggy dress, I still believe that I cannot go as bold as Kim K! Hot pink and body con is more than enough for this pregnant woman thank you very much.

Pink Dress (vintage) | Bandeau: G. Gozum | Bangle (from Len) | Earrings (vintage) | Red Foldable Flats: CMG

I am super inlove with this dress now. Never really thought that it could pass as maternity! But look at me wearing my most unforgiving dress on one of my chubbiest days. Be warned though, you’ll see me wearing this more often from now on. Smile




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