Discovering Tony Moly

2 weeks ago, Sissy and I went to the mall coz I’m running low on BB Cream. I have always been a BB Cream + Blush + Eye Liner + Lip Stick kind of girl. And on super rush days, I can leave the house with just BB Cream + Raybans. I have been using my Face Shop BB Cream for almost 2 years now. It was always the perfect one for me hence the loyalty. But eversince the pregnancy, I noticed that Face Shop’s Love Me:Ex is not as great as it used to be. I always loved it because it’s light on the face. Not cakey and it gives just enough moisture to my skin making it look au naturel. But not anymore. The pregnancy is making my skin dry and dull.
So we spend the entire afternoon checking out different BB Creams in Etude House and Face Shop but nothing seems perfect. That made me decide to give Tony Moly a visit.
You see, I’ve known Tony Moly for a long time. Some of the fashion bloggers I follow are users of this product but I thought it was a bit pricey for me. So imagine my utter happiness when I paid their SM Manila branch and found out that they are indeed affordable!!!
Cats Wink Shiny Skin BB Cream (Php 448.00)

I tried this BB cream coz it’s the lightest and I loved it. Actually, eversince I switched BB Creams, I have been getting positive feedbacks from friends. People are telling me I look good. So far, I am loving it’s effect on my skin but I am not yet confident to do a review. You know me, I give my make ups enough breaking in before blogging about it or raving about it coz I know for a fact that most products are great at the start but continued usage would prove otherwise. So I guess you have to wait for a couple more months before I tell you my final verdict.
I was also eyeing that CC Cream of theirs. I think it cost a little over Php500 only. I tried it on my face that day and I love that it gave me that “just washed my face” look. You know what I mean? My skin looked clean and fresh even after 3hrs of it on my face. Well, half my face because the other half is where I tried the Cats Wink. I just settled for the Cats Wink because it provides better coverage. And I so need them these days.
Lemon Seed Foam Cleanser (Php 178.00)

Sissy also got the same BB Cream for her and the sales lady told us that if we could purchase a minimum of Php 1000, I’d get the membership card for free and an eye and lip make up remover.
So I decided on getting this cleanser just to reach the minimum Php 1000.
I have been using Johnson and Johnson’s Milk Bath for my face since the pregnancy but as I’ve told you, I think it started to look dull and dry. I asked the very friendly and accommodating staff of Tony Moly on what best cleanser to get and she recommended this one. I also noticed that their cleansers, though not all natural/organic, seemed perfectly okay. And its also light on the face and is perfect for sensitive skin.
Again, so far, I am loving this one. Even the brother has been stealing it from my wash basket and is using it on his face. FYI, the brother (who’s a teeny) is kinda addicted to making his skin better ala-Daniel Padilla. He’s so affected on his zits and has been doing all things to make his face better. After 2 weeks of stealing the facial wash from me, I think his face improved. But again, no final verdict yet! Nyahahaha.. Give it 3 more weeks shall we?
This is the free make up remover that I got. Tried it and I loved the effect. Unlike my Maybelline make up remover, it’s not too oily or too strong. I used it to remove my stubborn mascara and it’s just as effective as my Etude House Cleansing Cream. I wasn’t able to give it much trial because I am still obsessed with my cleansing cream but once my cleansing cream run out, I’d surely use this one. Sayang naman eh!
I am so happy after my Tony Moly visit. I can’t believe I got all those for a little more that Php 1000. And I got a membership card that I can use to redeem points and everything. And by the looks of it, I think masusulit ko tong membership card na to. I have the sister and the brother as Tony Moly users din. The brother was even telling me that he wants to get his own facial wash already. Hmmmm..



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