Review: Now You See Me (2013)


When my friend IM’d me to ask if I’d want to watch a movie with her and another friend, I just said yes without even asking what the movie is. It’s a Friday and I have all the right to relax. :)

Needless to say, I went to the cinema without even seeing the trailer of the movie I’m about to watch. I didn’t even read the synopsis. I don’t have the luxury of time to do that. I just trust my friend’s better judgment and prayed that I won’t feel sorry for my Php250.

And boy I was awed!!

This movie is by far one of the best one I’ve seen this year (except maybe Silver Linings Playbook who has a different genre anyway). Of course Iron Man is great, Furious 6 is awesome. But this one is simply the best! All three of us who watched it are in awe after leaving the cinema.

It’s basically a caper film but the one that sets it apart is that the criminals are these 4 magicians known as the 4 Horsemen and their crimes are televised. :) Making it a whole lot of fun.

The movie starts with snippets of the 4 magicians’ individual shows and how great they are. Each then received an invitation card and was brought together by an unknown benefactor or “the boss”. Then found themselves performing in Vegas as the 4 Horsemen.

Their Vegas performance finale is robbing a French bank with the help of an audience. And guess what? The French Bank found themselves robbed at the exact same time. And so the Interpol and the FBI was called to investigate the highly publicized robbery. The 4 magicians were even arrested and was questioned but they were released because of lack of evidence. Tama nga naman! Anong sasabihin nila sa judge? Ni-magic nung 4 yung pera?

It was then followed by another wonderful performance but this time, they robbed their manager. The funny thing is, they never took a cent of what they robbed. All of the money are given to the audience.

And so it was an endless habulan. Of magicians and the FBIs. There was even a car chase scene. But the thing that makes me like it so much is the fact that it was never boring. I find myself so engaged while watching the film. I would listen intently to the simple dialogues hoping to get a clue of what their next move is. Morgan Freeman’s role of being the ultimate fake magician’s secret revealer is awesome. He’d give hints on how the act was performed. The tricks that the thieves did in order to make one great show. And I find myself trying to dissect everything as I watch.

I also love the characters. It’s an all star cast and everyone was great. Jesse Eisenberg (of Facebook), Isla Fisher (of Confessions of Shopaholic), Dave Franco (James Franco’s brother and star of 21 Jump Street) and Woody Harrelson (of The Hunger Games) did a great great job! Woody Harrelson is a mentalist and was way too funny. There was never a dull moment on the film. I love the portrayal of the characters and them being this relaxed magicians kahit na nangangamoy kulong sila.

I can see that it was wonderfully directed and the stunts are wonderfully executed. It’s such an eye candy without being too much of a trying hard. What I love most is that you are being entertained but at the same time it just makes you think.

The storyline is something unique for me. If you saw anything similar then by all means leave a comment so I can watch that film. But so far it’s unique for me. Using 4 magicians as the main suspects of a highly organized crime is something wonderful. Tipong nakakaloka level.

And the twists!!!!! OMG! I won’t give spoilers. You know me, that’s not my thing. So go find out yourselves. I promise you wont regret it! :)

Go watch please!!! I am sure as hell you’d enjoy.

Oh! And there are some questions left un-answered on the film. Nangangamoy part 2!!!! :)




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