Review: Safe Haven (2013)


Been seeing this on my Nicholas Sparks newsletters and Nicholas Sparks himself has been very excited about this film. I haven’t read it (which is lame and kinda new since I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan), but I still wanna catch the film. First because I think Josh Duhamel is waaaaayyy too hot and second, I wanna appreciate the movie itself. If I read the book, I know I’d only end up saying the book waaaay better. I love Nicholas Sparks too much. Hahahaha…

Anyway, this film is about a woman with a dark past who run away from her abusive husband and found herself in a small town in North Carolina (I’m not sure if the movie mentioned that they were indeed in North Carolina but we all know that Nicholas Sparks novels are all set in North Carolina for crying out loud!). This is where she met Alex, a widow with 2 kids and well of course they fell inlove and all that romantic cliché.

This movie is slow paced with a lot of romantic scenes and picturesque locations and Josh’s hot body! I love the film but there is something lacking. Maybe the appeal of The Notebook? Or the charisma of A Walk To Remember? I don’t know really. I just know that I loved it but didn’t make it to my favorite Nicholas-Sparks-book-turned-into-movie list.

But of course, it still has that Nicholas Sparks touch that makes it wonderfully written and would really make you believe in love and miracles. I love the ending. I love Jo’s character. I love that she is there to guide and to make Katie feel that she is not stealing something from a dead woman but is actually taking care of the family that Jo can no longer take care.

I love Jo’s letter. Where she told Katie that apart from her husband and 2 kids, Katie is the most important person in her life because she’ll take care of the family she loves and wishes that she loves them dearly. How can you not cry with those ending lines?? HOW?! :)

This is a great Valentine movie. Though I am pretty sure the guys would sneak a couple of minutes of sleep while the girls are glued to the screen. But guys, you still have to bring your girls to catch this film and just tell them that you love her the same way Alex loves Katie and you’re all set. You’ll go home with a more loving girlfriend/wife. Believe me!




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