The Roaring 20’s


Okay, before we continue let me just say that my look for that night is soooooo far from the 20’s fashion. I don’t know! Naligaw ata ako ng dekada kasi nagmukha akong Imelda. Hihihihi.. But that doesn’t erase the fact that I had a blast! :)


The party was held at The Peninsula Manila. I miss that place so much. I have a couple of good memories of the place and it will forever be special. No asking of details please! I’d rather talk about the party.

Our company year end party was themed Roaring 20’s. So we all know what that means right? Flapper dresses, laces, fringes, feathers, cloche hats, the bob, cigar holders, pearls, suits and most of all – Coco Chanel! :) My idol! My fashion icon!

One of our pre-party stint is the Bonnie and Clyde contest wherein we are asked to get a Bonnie and Clyde reps from our team and dress them up! I conceptualize the look and helped style our Bonnie and Clyde contestants. Not to mention, I teach them how to pose for the camera during their photo shoot and guess what? They won! One of my proudest moment! Really. But I think the one that is most proud is their manager, Nikki who really did everything. Oo nga ako nagbigay ng idea pero sya nagsakatuparan nun! A very talented young lady I must say and actually, as much as I am proud to say I helped them, its really their hardwork! Yey!

DSC_0133Our mafia-inspired Bonnie and Clyde. I will do a separate post about it soon. :)

Alright, now on to my look that night. :) Hahahahaha! I was really supposed to wear something very Coco Chanel. I mean, chance ko na yun para magaya yung idol ko! But then I can’t find anything on my closet to achieve that Chanel look. And I can’t really splurge on to something I’d wear once. Hindi naman ako mayaman!

The next option would be flapper dresses but I know my body too well, hindi ko carry ang drop-waist dress. Magmumukha akong drum! :( And laces and fringes are gonna be so boring because I know everyone will be sporting them. Hats as well. And then nawalan na ko ng gana magconceptualize ng outfit. Anyway, it’ll be just for one night. And so I decided to wear something that’ll look oldish. Ayun! Nauwi ako sa Imeldific kong look! Pero hindi naman ako gumastos!!


I went to my Tita’s parlor and asked him to do my hair and make-up. Told them the theme of the party. Eh dahil late na ako nagpunta at hindi ko daw pina-set ang hair ko for that curly look, nauwi ako sa bilog bilog hairstyle. Common sa mga ikakasal. Harhar! But I don’t care! I love my make up that night and I so love my hair. Eh weno kung wala ako sa theme?!

DSC_0252-vert-horzI love my hair and make up! Very simple and sophisticated. Yay!

My closest palusot would be – “If I ever lived on the 1920’s I’m very sure I’d wear this coz’ when it comes to fashio, I don’t follow the trend, I create them.” Ang taray! Pang Miss Universe yan. Hahahaha! #lumulusotpaeh

I’m actually wearing a revealing dress underneath this thin coat type overdress which I wasn’t able  to show while on the party. So the moment I got home, I asked someone to take a picture of what I’m wearing underneath and I’m posting it for you dear readers!


The dress has an unbelievable low neckline. I was thinking of wearing a corset underneath the dress to make it a little bit okay but I can’t find anything in black so I settled for a black brassiere instead. They are gorgeous actually and is party appropriate. But then again, this is a corporate party so I must dress accordingly. Low necklines and some cleavage are okay. But a peaking out brassiere is no way! So bawal hubarin yung pampatong ko kahit mukha akong ga-graduate. Hahahaha!

Now on to the party, here are some of the photos of that wonderful night.


La Familia Trinidad! Bawal ang pangit sa pamilya. Ayan! Puro gorgeous diba?!


My Boss Paolo and I. I don’t know why that second photo turned out like that. Lakas maka-Seduction! Hahahaha! Pero aminin nyo, ang gwapo ng Boss ko!!!!


Bonnie and Clyde winners and the male and female stars of the night. My lovely girls. Fashyown!


My team mates and some more office friends who I love dearly.


Kris and Party.


Rod and Stanley.


My Boss Paolo and Kalli. Ayan! May Seduction pose din sila.

It took me quite some time to blog this one out because I can’t think of a proper blog title. Eh kasi nga hindi naman ako naka-1920’s! Naligaw nga ako ng era at nauwi sa Imelda Marcos look. So from Coco Chanel to Imelda. Ang layoooooo! Hahahaha!




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