Review: Les Miserables (2013)


The most anticipated movie of the year. Saw the trailer of this film 2yrs ago and I promised myself I’d watch it.

I don’t really know Les Miserables at heart and I can’t sing along the entire show like the others. But like every girl – yes! I once had On My Own on repeat and sang to it while my tears keep falling. Oh the joys of being a teenager and experiencing unrequited love. Hihihihi..

So yes, basically, I am so excited to watch Les Miserables because I so wanted to know the story behind the song. To know who Eponine is. Who Fantine is. Two of the characters that I know simply because Ms. Lea Salonga played them on Les Miserables in Broadway.

To watch it is an experience I won’t soon forget. Now I know why it is such a classic. The actors are wonderful. Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Jean Valjean is so moving. That part where he realized that he wanted to change after the priest saved him made me cry. I’m at the edge of my seat the entire time I’m watching. My dear Wolverine all poor and thin on that first scene of the movie just broke my heart. :(

Of course Anne Hathaway is undeniably brilliant! Seeing her cut her hair and sing I Dreamed A Dream is so moving. I’m crying the entire time she’s singing. This movie really made me cry buckets.

I don’t know who Samantha Barks is until this movie and she is awesome! I must say that her version of On My Own, though still at par from Lea’s version, is deeply moving and very touching. Her singing while walking in the rain and all drenched is sooo heart breaking I was choking with tears. She is one brilliant actor I must say. Very perfect for my favorite and most anticipated role in the film.

But my favorites are the kids. The Cosette is so brialliant!!! When she sang Castle On A Cloud, I promise you I didn’t even blink. I can feel her pain and her longing for a mother she misses and won’t see ever again. I swear I’m on the verge of crying right now just thinking about it. Who’s that kid anyway?? She’s so good! And that kid who played Gavroche is such a cutie. He looks like Huckleberry Finn the cartoons. The singing voice of that kid is also wonderful! Why are kids that age so talented? I want my future son/daughter to be that good.

I can’t really tell you anything critic-worthy for I am not a critic myself. I don’t know anything about films except that I am a fan. Like most of us, I am expecting something from a movie and I just want them to deliver.

If I am seeing a local romantic film then I’m waiting for the catchy quotable quotes. If it’s a Vice Ganda film then I want to laugh. If it’s a movie adaptation of a book I love then I want all my favorite scenes to be there. Give me a musical and it’ll be a sure hit to me. BUT this one raised the bar so high. Now I am giddy to see the theater version. This one belongs to the roster of my favorite movies along side City of Angels and Moulin Rouge. Epic, classic. Make sure you don’t miss it and feel the pain and misery of the people in Les Miserables.




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