Review: Ruby Sparks (2012)


I’m having loads of “Me” time lately hence the catching up of all the movies I missed last year and all the series I have been wanting to watch. Ruby Sparks is one of those. I don’t think it made a sound here in Manila but I clearly remembered it being shown here. We were actually in Trinoma, when I saw this on Click The City, waiting for some online seller to meet up for my purchase. I’m still not yet comfortable with the idea of paying online and waiting for your item so I am more of the meet-up kind of girl.

Anyway, Ruby Sparks is a story of a young novelist who’s struggling with his career and his long lost love and all the pain that most people who got famous at such a young age suffers. One night he dreamt of a girl and started writing about her. Then one day boom! She’s real. She came out of nowhere. She’s really the product his imagination that came to life. Weird right?

Very magical. Kind of unbelievable but very easy to watch. Its just a simple love story really but is a good movie. :)




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