Doomsday 2012!

According to the Mayans, the world is supposed to end last 12-21-2012! Well, I’m still here blogging and its already 2013 so I guess its not true?! Harhar!
If you are sure that the world would truly end, what are you going to wear? I woke up on 21st of December asking myself that question. Of course, I don’t believe that end of the world hiatus but you know me! I’d use every excuse to dress up.
And so, I pulled out my lovely leggings with bubble prints. It’s the closest to a polkadot that I could think of that day. I grew up believing that one should wear polkadots on new years for luck and good fortune. So I wore my bilog-bilog leggings for luck! Atleast kung end of the world na, swertihin naman ako!
I also did some research and learned that Blue and Green are the lucky colors of 2013 and so I incorporate those colors on my look as well. In case it really is the end of the world, atleast I still gotta wear the lucky colors for 2013! Advance lang just in case hindi na natin abutan.
Also, I threw that “simple Aubrey” out of the window and went all out. Print on print on print it is for me! It’s the end of the world, I should be me! I should dress to the nines and be all out!! It’s my last day on earth anyway. (BTW, see the 2nd photo above? My guy friends are photo bombing my look shots!! Say hello to Blehm and Vhin doing the peace sign at my back.)
20121221_123736-vert-horzTee: from Tiendesitas | Leggings: Random | Blazer: Zara | Heels: Gibi Collection | Necklace: gift from Cor | Ring: Random from Quiapo

Say hello to my new necklace! They are Cor’s gift to me. She gave it to me that same day. I wore it right after opening the gift and I am so happy it matches my outfit!
Ang baba ng EQ ko promise. All the gifts I receive, I just can’t help but open them right away. And most of them, I use right away as well! Hahahaha.. Hindi ko kayang maghintay.
Say hello to my Boss Paolo and my blog photographer and friend Cor! :) Paolo caught us taking look shots and we ended up taking group pictures. I told you my friends are supportive. Hinahayaan nila ko mag-pose sa office kahit mukha kong tanga!
Doomsday lunch was celebrated this way! :) My friends prepared some lunch for us to share. We had hams and cheese and bibingka and graham cakes. Siksikan na sa lamesa! We had lunch together. Talking about doomsday and wondering what time it’ll happen. Is it eastern or western time?!!! Hahahaha!
Hi there Garry! If you ever read this post I hope you won’t get mad! You look so darn serious eating there! And Cor is so takaw! I have proof! While Blehm is trying to solve that puzzle. You’ll see him doing that the entire lunch time together with Kalli! My friends are really something! Baliwag lang ang peg.
Hello Cor! Will you still love me after seeing this blog post?! :) You are so takaw kaya ang taba eh. Hahahaha!
Sige lahat sumusubo. Hahaha! And oh! We have the wonderful Makati buildings as our backdrop. Yay!
The rest of the guys! Say hello to my mates – Jay and Gelo! And Cor, my boss Pao, Kalli and ang nagulat na si Garry! Hahahaha! Wacky shots lahat. Pag nabasa nya to patay ako!
And then, since we are all still alive -  we had dinner at Wingman! I’d go back there and do a proper review. For now, all I can say is that they have the best chicken wings in the metro! I love it! I would surely go back!
In Wingman, they won’t give you utensils. Just this plastic gloves! So here you could see na nag-volt in ang mga plastik. Literally! It was a brilliant idea. Coz I really can’t imagine eating chicken wings using fork and knife. I’d rather use my fingers thank you very much. Although I hope they’d have sizes for their plastic gloves. My tiny hands looked minuscule in them! Hahahaha.. Size small please! Or extra small for my extra small hands and fingers.
And then we ended the day at Rue Bourbon. They drank their hearts out while I… hmmm… sit and relax! @_@ I stopped drinking a long time ago. I guess that’s one of the best things I did for 2012. Saying goodbye to alcohol. I am so not healthy and alcohol is not helping. Plus I love the fact that I can go home sane! Without a headache the next day. Makikitawa nalang ako sa kanila. Tapos oorder ng water or iced tea. Pwede na yun! Nasa company naman yan!
Say hello to Kenjie! He’s one of the victims of that puzzle. He spent an X amount of time trying to solve it. Leaving his humongous mug of beer behind. Hahahaha! The minute he solved it, he passed it to the lovers behind him. And the next I knew, Jin and her boyfriend is so engrossed on the puzzle as well. Hahahahaha! Nakakaloka!
And so that’s it! That’s how I spent doomsday with my friends. We ate like it’s the end of the world, they drink like there’s no tomorrow and a couple of us wasted time solving that puzzle. It was fun! If the world really did end that day, I guess I had the best doomsday ever! Not to mention, I am the most fashionable on my last day on earth.
How about you guys, what are you going to wear on the next doomsday! They are saying its gonna be September 2014 or 2015. Hahahaha! I’d be on rainbow bright colors. Para happy!


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