Review: Cosmolash

A couple of weeks back, I tried on something I haven’t tried before but has been wanting to for ages now.
And what is that?! Eyelash extensions!!
Yup! I did eyelash extensions finally. I first learned of it 4yrs ago when an officemate did it. But I really didn't like it then because it totally looked fake. I mean, she looks like she had a terrible battle with her mascara and unfortunately the mascara won. You know what I mean?! It was too dark (almost looked like plastic) and too long and too thick. I want longer lashes but I want it to look natural. I know everyone would agree with me on that.
from s3 1023
I was about to go to my fave waxing salon when I passed by Cosmolash. Their SM Manila reception area is small but very posh. I got attracted on their zebra print rug. And when I checked out their price and service they offer, I was so surprised to see that they offer waxing on a very reasonable price! So I went there to try out their waxing services and noticed the eyelash of the lady attending to me. It was so long and curly but it looked so natural. So being the chismosa that I am, I asked if her eyelashes are real and that’s when she told me that it was actually an extension! When I heard it, I know I must get myself one.
from s3 1026-horz
Above photos are taken right after I got it. I have uber long lashes right? But it looked so natural. Even my friends didn’t recognize it at first. They just thought I got myself a decent mascara which I swear I won’t use in the near future after my stint at the E.R when I got my eye infected because I poke myself with a mascara brush.
from s3 1039
from s3 1043-horz
Having long lashes really do wonders on one’s face. I always looked like I have make up on when all I have is my BB cream, light blush and lipstick. A friend even said that I looked like I have eyeliner already. It makes my everyday make up routine easy. I always look so glam with less effort. I really really loved it.
from s3 1076
from s3 1074
Of course the next question would have to be – is it easy to maintain?! It is. Actually you don’t really have to do anything to it except make sure you don’t rub your eyes. But when you think about it, you really shouldn’t rub your eyes with or without an extension because our hands are dirty and we should refrain from putting our hands near our eyeballs.
from s3 1078
I was just told to go back after 10-15days to have it retouched. It has been more that 2weeks since I got it and I haven’t gone back for that retouch. The above photo is taken after 2weeks of having it. It still looked okay right? Except that now I noticed that some lashes are falling already. Must be because my actually lashes where it was attached are already falling. I plan to go back within the week to have it retouched. I got the eyelash extension in Natural which costs Php500 in Cosmolash. The retouch costs Php200-300 depending on how damaged the lashes are. I can say that it is totally worth it! It is actually one of the cheapest I must say.
P.S.: Sorry if the last photo looked sooo oily. I used my Maybelline BB cream and it hasn’t set yet when I took the photo. Hihihi… I’ll post my BB cream review soon.



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