LBD and Me


I bet all you fashionistas out there know what an LBD is.

Yes! It’s that little black dress that saves every girl from a major fashion dilemma. Who won’t look good on an LBD right?! It’s black thus it makes you look skinnier. It’s little and makes you look taller. Just put on some accessories and the right pair of shoes and you are surely good to go! :) Perfect!

The Little Black Dress is one of Coco Chanel’s major contribution to the fashion lexicon. And with a brilliant mind like Chanel, how could you ever go wrong?! :) Is it too obvious that I adore her?! Oh! I got her quotes written all over my diary when I was a teeny bopper. Wishing that I could someday wear an original Chanel LBD. ;)

The Little Black Dress has also been widely associated to Audrey Hepburn who I also look up to. Her elegance, her class, her sophistication has always been undeniable.

Today, LBD has took on so many forms like the one I’m wearing. It is a long sleeved simple cut dress with ruffles on the back. Just enough drama. Just enough class. :) I paired my dress with a flat jelly sandals. I had a minor accident last Friday night and my ankle hurt like hell so I stay away from heels for a while. These sandals are my life savers. Aren’t they the cutest?! I must tell you that they are also the comfiest. And the best part is, it only costs Php60!! I’m telling you, I just bought 2 pairs. And I told the manang to get me more colors of these love coz I plan to hoard!!! Hahahaha..

I don’t mind wearing cheap items. As long as they look good, I’m okay. I just have issues with imitations because for me, that is like stealing. So I’d rather wear an a “tatak-less” sandals than wear a fake Chanel heels. I mean, come on! What would my dear Coco Chanel tell me if she ever finds out right?! Arrgghh! The shame!

So girls, wag kayong mahihiya na tig-60 lang ang sandals nyo! Kesa naman bumili kayo ng tig-600 na class A imitation. Di ba?! And fashion nowadays doesn’t require much money. Madami akong kakilala na puro mamahalin ang damit pero mukha pading cheap. Just know your body. Know what looks good on you. Do not be afraid to experiment. Do not be afraid to explore. Do not hesitate to wear things that you feel good on. One day, some day… you’ll find out that what others say to you doesn’t matter much. As long as you are happy and you don’t cause pain and sufferings to others, go ahead! Fashion comes with a price but fashion is not all about the tag price. ;)

Have a happy week ahead guys. Much love from me.







Little Black Dress (LBD): thrifted | Clear Jelly Sandals: Random from Streets of Paco | Sunnies: Foldable Wayfarers by Rayban | Silver Necklace: Random | Mantra Bracelet: The Bead Shop | Black Cuff: Random/Vintage | Slim Ring: Vintage | Crystal Ring: from a cousin | Silver Earrings: from Len | Samsung Galaxy S3 case: iGadget


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