I’m Back on Android! (Samsung Galaxy S3 Review)


I’m back on Android. I had a brief stint with Blackberry but I guess, I miss my real love. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my Blackberry to bits but its waaaay too serious for me. I miss the fun that Android offers.

I recently got myself a Samsung Galaxy S3. Well, it’s THE BEST android phone in the market now. I must say it without doubt. After 2 weeks of being with her, she is waaaay beyond gorgeous. I know that the hype now is with iPhone 4S but in all honesty, I can’t find myself liking apple products. :( I was thinking of getting an iPad before because I’m such a bookworm and getting an e-book reader with huge screen is a Yay! for me. But I really think it’s a waste of money. I still believe they are too overpriced and I am not getting my money’s worth. Call me kuripot but as much as I wanna stay on trend, I won’t waste my hard earned money for gadgets that won’t satisfy my every need. Di ba?! Para lang sa apple na may kagat. :’( BUT again, that is my prerogative. That is just me saying it. I have friends who swore that once you switched into an iPhone or a Mac, there is no going back. Even my favorite DJ (@chicogarcia) said that. And I believe them. Maybe that is exactly how I felt on Android. I may leave it for a couple of months but I will always find my way back. Naks! Parang love story ang peg. Hahaha..

So here are the things that make my S3 the best for me! :)

  • It is running on the Android platform! Yay! Told you I love android to bits ever since I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Spica and an HTC Magic more than 2 years ago. Everything on Android is fun. The Apps are endless. Games, Vanity, Photos, Expense Tracker, e-Book Reader, Period Tracker.. name it! They have it.
  • Big and Clear Screen. 4.8 inches of beauty. Big enough for my e-book reading needs. Display is Super AMOLED so it is clear and crisp. I don’t find myself hurting my eyes while reading. The Auto-Brightness is also perfect for me. It automatically adjust depending on the environment so I don’t need to manually adjust it. Super cool. Plus it has that sensor so even if there is inactivity for a couple of seconds, as long as it detects your face in front of the device, it won’t auto-lock. No need to touch it once in a while. I know it’s lame but for someone who reads so much, it is very much appreciated. The screen is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2 which they said is the best in the market now. It seems so because so far I don’t see scratches on my phone. I don’t have a screen protector so I’m rooting on that Gorilla Glass to prove his exceptional skills in protecting my phone.
  •  Awesome Camera. Swear! Front and Rear cameras are both stunning. It is quick capture with loads of features. The photos are crisp and clear. It has the capability to reduce blur and auto focus on subjects. I was able to take clear photos even in dim light. Even front camera is clear. Really. Awesome.
  • FM Radio! Oh I can’t tell you how much I miss it. :’( I was on RXTMR podcast for months. Geez. I only get updated via twitter and it is a shame I can’t join in the fun live. :( But now it’s a yey for me. I got to listen to my fave jocks in the morning. Little things matter, really.
  • Durability. It rained last night when my mother and I went out to buy something. We were soaking wet when we arrived home. And my phone is not spared. But I just wiped it with clean and dry towel and it’s good to go. Hahahaha.. Atleast!
  • Endless Apps. I got Instagram, Ubersocial, Period Tracker which I so miss (imagine going to the doctor and dreaded being asked when was your last period because you totally forgot). I also got Expenses Tracker which is my new love because I need to be tipid now that I want to buy something. Hahaha.. I also got my Notes and Planner on my phone now. Imagine?! Everything really is on my phone.


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