Review: The Fifty Shades Trilogy (by EL James)


The trilogy has been phenomenal. And this review is R18. If you are a kid, get the hell out of this post. Click older posts, NOW!
“The series has sold 40 million copies worldwide, with book rights having been sold in 37 countries, and set the record as the fastest-selling paperback of all time, surpassing the Harry Potter series.” – Wikipedia
Imagine?! A book that has surpassed the much more phenomenal and for me, probably, is the most epic book series of all time - Harry Potter. As a certified bookworm and a great Harry Potter fan, I know I have to find out why.
I’ve been hearing lots of feedbacks about the book. The fact that it is an erotica novel is a major turn off for me. I am not a hypocrite but for me books are to be loved and to be treasured. And I am so proud of being a geek and a bookworm. I don’t want to read a book that would make me feel embarrassed that I even open it. Though some friends say that it is MORE than an erotica novel. That it is more than SEX. And so I give in. I didn’t read it to join the bandwagon, rather, to discover the treasure that is 50 Shades.
The first book is wonderful until I got to the contract part. Geez! All the sexual terms and sex toys and BDSM ideas. It is waaaay too much for me. I find myself visiting google here and there just to find out what the heck was that. But I must admit that EL James is a great writer. She has this amazing talent. She wrote the book in such a way that would make you want to read further and turn the page even if you can’t take it anymore. Most of the people I know read the book in one go. Some would say that they finish the trilogy in a week. Others claim that it only took them 5hrs to finish a book. At least, I got proof that it is indeed a page turner.
I don’t get BDSM. Honestly! Pain and pleasure?! Definitely a NO! And I find it hard to imagine how the hell can you be turned on when someone is spanking you before sex. Blame the romance novels I read for years. Blame Nicholas Sparks. I have this idea that making love to a woman should be like holding a glass. Make love in a passionate way but treat her delicately. I associate rough sex with pornography. Now hold your horses. I am not being a hypocrite here or is being judgmental. As I’ve said, that is my prerogative. That is how I see it. That is how I expect it. But reading the trilogy somehow made me understand that kind of lifestyle even better and I love that. I am someone with a deep thirst for knowledge. I want to understand things, people, lifestyle, fashion. Everything. And these books has open my mind and made me accept a different world.
I fell in love with Mr. Christian Grey. I know most fell in love with him because he is a Megalomaniac who happens to be goddamn beautiful and exceptional in bed. I mean, he gave Anastacia 2 or 3 orgasms on their first sex. When I know for a fact that most women fake their orgasms. Now, where did I read that fact?! Hahahahaha..
Anyway, I fell in love with Mr. Grey because he is 50 shades of fucked up (excuse my term, but that is how Mr. Grey describe himself) and I can’t agree more. He is indeed so broken. So lost. So fucked up. So 50 shades. I don’t know if its just me. But my heart really bleeds for the broken ones. I know most girls are. If I saw a cat on the street and know that he’s hurt, even if I basically don’t like cats, he’d really capture my heart. My first instinct is to take care of him. Heal him. Make him feel loved. And that is how I see Mr. Grey. I guess, that is why Anastacia find herself falling for the guy in the first place. Even if she scares her to death. She feels that behind his façade is a lost boy. A broken man. Someone who needs a little TLC. Someone who suffers nightmares and therefore needs someone who’ll wake him up and hug him in the middle of the night. Someone who’ll understand and would keep up with all his 50 shades. It is quite a task. While most people would see Anastacia as a lucky girl for capturing the heart of the billionaire Christian Grey, I find Christian luckier. Because Anastacia deeply and truly love him despite his 50 shades fucked-upness. It is hard. I must know.
While I initially don’t get the “SEXUAL” part, reading through the next 2 books made me understand that it is a crucial part of the story. BDSM being Christian’s diversion. He had a terrible childhood, he was abused as an adolescent while he grew up thinking otherwise. Instead of healing himself, he hide behind his richness, his pretty face. Making the wound deeper, eating him up from the inside. Oh how I hate Mrs. Robinson. And I am so glad I didn’t believe Christian when he said that she helped him! The nerve of that woman! And my poor, poor 50 shades.
Promise! I wanna hug Christian the entire time I’m reading the book. Because I know how hurt and scared and lost he must have felt. I really love the broken ones. Most girls I think are. Our motherly instinct really does kick in. Maybe that is why most women find it wonderful, find him wonderful.
Would I recommend this book?! Well, I’d have to ask first if you are mature enough. Mind and soul. Because only mature people would understand the deeper meaning of this book. The one behind all the sex part. Some people enjoy it because it seems like a “sosyal porn” but it is waaaay beyond that. The storyline may be a little telenovela-ish but I guess that is part of the plan. Because only then would you understand the mysterious Mr. Christian Grey. This book is really all about him. All about understanding the man. All about his 50 Shades.
I can’t wait for the movie. I hope Matt Bomer would get the role. He is my 50 Shades. :)


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