Review: Magic Mike


Tell me, who could resist Channing Tatum’s abs?! Anyone?! None?! Right! Me too. Hahaha..

This is so far my favorite movie. Not because of the story or the cinematography or effects. Simply because I love Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer. And when Channing dance, I am simply beyond gaga. Hahaha..

I know I sound ridiculous. Forgive me. But anyone who has actually seen the film would understand why I am going crazy over it. I don’t want to sound like the movie is nothing but abs and muscles, it has story. It is actually a very good portrayal of the lives of strippers (not that I know anyone or whatever but I guess it is as close to the truth as possible). Channing being one himself. However, I don’t think this movie is for the faint hearted. Do not expect much. This movie showcases Channing’s dance moves and stripper routines so don’t hold your hopes high. But it is definitely entertaining. And I like it very much. :-P


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