Review: Gerry Shan’s Place (Baler, Aurora)


The moment our manager heard that we are off to Baler, the first thing he told us is to dine in Gerry Shan’s Place. According to him, they offer the best food of the best price. I make sure to include this one on our itinerary and thank heavens because it’s also one of the first resto we saw the moment we hit Baler town proper. And since we are all starving to death, this place for us is paradise!

The moment we got in, we we’re greeted by the warm welcome of the staffs. After being ushered into our seats, the menu was immediately provided to us. I noticed that the place is actually packed with tourists. Local and foreign. So I guess this one is really a tourist favorite.

The waiter offered us their eat-all-you-can buffet. It’s only Php150 including bottomless iced tea. We checked out the food on the buffet and they had generous variety of food served so we immediately agreed. Actually, I saw Kare-Kare and Lechon Kawali - I’m sold!

Anyway, my verdict?! It’s good. I mean, for Php150 it’s such a bargain. I  fell inlove with their iced tea and lechon kawali but my heart sank the moment I tasted their kare-kare. It’s bland and the bagoong (shrimp paste) is malansa. I don’t know. I really didn’t like it. Although the other food on the menu is okay. Nothing spectacular but they are good. I guess our manager tried the ones on their menu and not the buffet. But well, we got loads of grown up men with us so a buffet is really the best option. :)

Although I’m not that much satisfied with the food, I can say that this place is still worth the visit. If only because of their affordable buffet offer.



Gerry Shan’s Place

Chinese and Seafood Cuisine

Quezon Street,

Baler, Aurora




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