Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

My sister is a big Spider-Man fan. And I am, well, I am a big movie fan. So when my sister asks G.p and I to watch Spider-Man last weekend, we told her we’d wait for another week and reserved seats on iMax. Which is the best option since the Mall of Asia is buzzing with people all lined up to watch Spidey last weekend.
My sister haven’t tried iMax yet while G.p and I are a big fan of the humongous screen. Watching it on iMax is really worth it. I mean all those actions are 100X much better on iMax than the regular 3D cinema. :)
We have all watched tons of version of Spidey’s life. And so far for me, this one is the best. Like the old Spider-Man version, this one tugs the heartstrings of the audience. With that sad death of Uncle Ben. With him being bullied and all. But this one has a perfect mix of sadness, laughter, kilig and action. We cried tons on the touching scenes. We fell inlove with Peter Parker’s smile and eyes. We we’re on the edge of our seats during those death defying actions stunts. We laugh with Peter Parker’s humor. This version showed a more realistic portrayal of a young guy who happens to have great powers.
Plus the actor is actually perfect. More than perfect, really. He played the role soooo well! I get kilig with his smile and everytime he’ll look at Gwen. I can feel the pain radiating through his eyes. He is so riveting. He is really a great actor. That guy.
the_amazing_spider_man_2012-wide*photo grabbed from Google.


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