Review: Human Heart Nature

Before 2011 ends, I was introduced to this all organic beauty products – Human Heart Nature!



These are some of the items I got and personally tried:
  1. Sun Flower Beauty Oil. These according to my friend is their number one best seller. It’s their miracle oil that is best to whiten underarms, clear out uneven skin tone, clears stretch marks, can be applied on the hair for a lasting shine, etc. I have tried this and so far, it is indeed is a miracle oil. I have been using this for like 3 weeks already and I love it. I ‘m actually using Nivea Body Oil as my after bath body oil but ever since I tried this, my Nivea is lying on my desk untouched. I promised myself I would just use the remaining ones but I simply cannot get enough of them. They don’t leave that oily feeling (like my Nivea) but it’s so much better. I have really dry skin and ever since I use this, my skin has dramatically improved. But one major thing that really made me fall inlove with this miracle oil is it’s effect on the scar in my knee which I recently got when I stumbled on a sea coral while snorkeling in Bohol (I know! I’m so lampa na kahit sa corals eh nagagawa kong madapa!). Promise! It does lighten my scar! There’s actually 3 of them. One is like mababaw lang na scar and smaller than the two. That mababaw scar is almost not visible now.
  2. Eucalyptus Organic Shaving Oil. This one is another love for me. I don’t really know how to shave properly. Everytime I shave, I always always always hurt myself. I don’t know, maybe because my skin is dry that it’s more prone to getting scratches while shaving or whatever. And recently, since I’m not allowed to wax my underarms because I’m having IPL sessions, this bottle is my life saver. Or more of underarm saver! nyahaha.. You just rub a small amount in your palms and apply them on the area that needs to shaved and then shave them! That’s it. I don’t know how it does it but I guess it makes the skin soft and a little madulas that makes it easier to shave. You don’t need to put pressure or whatever just to ensure that you shave them properly. I love the feel of my legs after shaving! It’s so smooth and soft and scratch-free. Before, everytime I shave my legs, little stubbles of hair would be left out. Sobrang kati at hindi masarap hawakan. But know, I always rub my legs together coz it’s so soft, it feels like I wax them not shave!
  3. Hand and Foot Salve. Alright. You all now know that I am a moisturizer addict. I love lotions and moisturizers and anything that promises all day moisturized and soft skin. So when I saw this, I know I have to buy them. And it didn’t disappoint. I love putting them on my feet and elbows and knees after every bath. And I sure have them with me every day as I am so addict in putting lotions in my hand coz (again) my skin so dry all the time (it’s in the genes, I got that from my grandma! yes! not her mestiza looks but her uber dry skin! loser!). Anyway, this one so much better than lotion. Sometimes, I don’t feel like putting more lotion the whole day coz they feel so moisturized until afternoon. I am inlove with them. I so am.
  4. Body Butter. Ok. Ok. Again. I love these body butter. I just rub them all over my body. As in all over my body. Neck down. And my skin feels like soft the whole day. I love it. It doesn’t feel tight or whatever. Just plain softness the whole day. Who wouldn’t love that? PLUS, it smells great. Like mango! I fell inlove with the smell right away.
  5. Massage Oil. I got this because I love to give G.p a massage once in a while. And I love getting massaged as well. This oil is perfect. Since it’s Virgin Coconut Oil, it’s massage and beauty in one. I got the Eucalyptus one so it feels warm in the body. Perfect. Plus it’s not so sticky like some massage oil. Just perfect.
I’m all good words for the products of Human Heart Nature because they all are great. I love that after using all of them I feel so soft and my skin feels like that of a baby’s. I would like to get their toner and facial wash as soon as my current stock runs off.

For the longest time now, I have been planning to switch to all organic products (that’s the nature lover in me). But I found them so expensive. But Human Heart Nature is so affordable. I swear. So how cool is that? You’re beautiful and you don’t feel guilty for harming our beloved mother earth. :-)


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