Review: HTC Cha Cha

The moment I got to hold my HTC ChaCha, I know I made the right decision. Everything I love and need in a phone is on this gorgeous device. It has been with me for 2 weeks and so far it’s been almost perfect.

Facebook much!

Let me list down some features of the HTC Cha Cha that I especially love:

  1. It runs on the Android platform! Being a big android fan, it is very important for me to replace my old android phone with a better android. HTC ChaCha runs on Gingerbread, the latest android version available in the market.And HTC, being the pioneer of android devices, I can say that they really are the original. This is android on its finest.
  2. It’s a Touch-and-Type phone. My Samsung Galaxy Spica is a full-touch phone. Most of the time, I had difficulty typing messages or even having a phone call because I would accidently touch those “untouchables”. HTC ChaCha however made sure that using their keypad/keyboard would be a breeze. The keys are well spaced and are very easy to type onto. Plus, I still have the ease of a touch screen phone. This is truly convenience to the highest level.
  3. FM Radio! My Spica doesn’t have a radio so I use another phone as my radio. Being an avid Rusher, an FM radio is very important to me. My morning would usually start with tuning on to RXTMR,so knowing that this phone comes with an FM radio made me feel so ready to give up my other phones and stick with her.
  4. 5 megapixel Camera with flash and a VGA front camera. This feature is really not that important to me although this is something that I am glad Cha Cha has. I usually bring my digicam with me every single day. I am someone who doesn’t want to miss a picture perfect scene. So having this phone allow me to leave my ever-reliable Canon Digicam at home. Cause I know the 5 megapixel camera is enough to capture those memories. Plus, I tell you, their camera is awesome!
  5. Wi-Fi Hotspot! My phone comes with this pre-installed app called Wi-Fi hotspot that turns my phone into a wi-fi router. Simply enable this feature and my netbook can connect to my phone and go online thru my mobile internet. Cool isn’t it?
  6. Unique Shape. HTC designers made ChaCha’s keyboard slant a little upward for some unknown reason. But they truly made the greatest design ever. Because that made holding ChaCha A LOT better.Typing is very easy, my fingers doesn’t feel tired or cramped up. Although if you want to put it on your pocket, it might bulge a little. (That I haven’t tried, I don’t usually put my phone my pocket anyway.)
  7. That little f button. ChaCha is a facebook phone. It has a dedicated facebook button at the lower right hand corner of the phone. This makes posting status and pics A LOT easier for those FB addicts like me!
And of course, TWITTER!

But as they say, nothing is really perfect.

Here are some of the not so good features and my thoughts on them:

  1. Battery. I am a heavy phone user. I swear! I check on Twitter and Facebook at least 5 hours a day. I tweet, I post on FB and I download apps on the market. Except from the usual texting and calling. So, I find myself charging ChaCha almost everyday. That has never been an issue with my Spica, my Spica would usually run for 2 days without charging. Or maybe that’s only because I don’t go online as much as I go online now with ChaCha. I am not sure. But being a “girl scout” who always bring her charger,this is not really a major problem.
  2. Tiny Screen. According to G.p, she wished ChaCha came with a slightly bigger screen. Though I personally like the size of this one. Anyway, I understand why G.p wanted a bigger screen, playing games on ChaCha feels so cramped. But since I am not an avid fan of games of all shapes, types and colors; deadma lang!
  3. Those 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen.They are a little bit annoying, since I always hit those buttons accidentally and Voila! I’m back on the home screen or I’ll have menu pop up. Annoying but I think it’s my fault. Hahahaha
  4. Headset Issues. I have loads of headsets here.And although HTC comes with 3.5 mm jack, it’s very choosy. It would only allow the HTC provided headset and not any other. So I am forced to use the HTC headset which I really don’t like.

For the complete product specification, you may visit the official HTC page here.


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