Let’s do the ChaCha

Been hearing about this amazing “Facebook Phone” for ages thru my favorite radio program, The Morning Rush of RX 93.1. And seeing their ads along Kalayaan Avenue on my way to Ayala from Angono made me really curious about the phone.

HTC ChaCha and its dedicated Facebook button.
I’m uberly happy on my year-old Samsung Galaxy Spica running on the Android platform. And ever since I got that phone I’ve been an android fan. I love the fact that I can have ALMOST everything I need on my phone by simply downloading apps thru the Android Market. I even bought an awesome 16GB memory card to make it even more powerful. 

But everything changed the moment I saw an officemate holding her own HTC ChaCha. That “Facebook Phone” I’ve been hearing about is there sitting merrily on the palm of my officemate. 

I tried it out and checked out its features. And voila! I’m in love. 

The moment I hit my seat, I immediately visit my best friend Google and searched for some reviews about the phone. And I fell in love all over again! 

G.p has been eyeing for a nice phone for ages now. She’s been using our decade-old phone who’s visited Dr.Technician x-times already. So when I told her that I plan on getting my very own HTC ChaCha by getting Data Plan on SMART (meaning she can have Spica), she immediately agreed. hahaha... And when I let her check out the phone,she’s as excited as I am!

So one Saturday afternoon, we went to a SMART store and got myself this love!

My very own HTC ChaCha. 

Welcome Andie ChaCha!

Isn’t she pretty? :)

My official review here.


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