CBD (Cheesesteaks, Burgers and Drinks)

An ex-officemate invited me for lunch. We’ve been Housemates once so I was really excited to dine with him again.
Since it’s lunchtime, Ayala Triangle restos are packed. The only one with available seats is the CBD so we tried it out. Must be because they offer mostly burgers, and knowing how rice-loving we Filipinos are, this would really be on the last of our list on lunch.
2011-03-31 15.35.22
He ordered some burgers and fries while I settled for Milkshakes and Fries. I was really not hungry then.
2011-03-31 15.36.59
Yummy Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake! Php 200-.

The Milkshake is very different from the usual Milkshakes out there. Theirs is a mix-up of cakes and Milkshake. So the result is awesome. It feels like eating a very cold and very creamy Blueberry Cheesecake. Definitely worth a try.
2011-03-31 15.35.56
French Fries! Php 50++
2011-03-31 15.36.30
Cheese Burger for my ex-housemate.

2011-03-31 15.36.38

2011-03-31 15.36.46
Anyway, as we settled on a seat, I noticed that they have these very nice interiors. It feels like some place you’d usually see on NYC. I particularly love these walls with clocks of different time zones! \m/
2011-03-31 15.35.38
The interior is uber classy. Being the ultimate laitera and maarte that I am, restaurant interiors are very important to me. I don’t want to dine on some place that would cause me eye sore. hahahaha
2011-03-31 15.36.08
Over all dining experience is awesome. The food is great. The service is excellent. The place is a love. Perfect Lunch with a friend!


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