The Diary of a Whimpy Kid

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
Author:Jeff Kinney
I love this very light, laid back read. The illustrations are awesome. Very "kiddy". I felt like a kindergarten student while reading this awesomely funny book.

Being a certified bookworm, I appreciate all kinds of books and I can say that this one stands out on his own way. Although I'm really not into this kind of stuffs. Unlike my Meg Cabot books who I've already read like a thousand times already and yet I still feel the same feeling everytime I re-read it, I don't think this one would make me want to go through it over and over again. However, when I feel tired and stressed out, I would definitely grab this book, a hot coffee and a nice relaxing music to ease me out. :-)

P.S.: Thank you a.M for this book! I love it so.


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