Lie To Me

a.M introduced me to this wonderful TV series over the weekend. So my 5-day vacatin was generally spent watching the whole series.

I was awed. I can't take my eyes off the screen. It was superb. It was genius. Whoever conceptualized this TV series is amazing.

I wont pretend to be an expert in films and television. I am not. I am speaking as a viewer. As a random person who once in a while stumbles upon television shows that made me realize how much power television has over me. It was awesome.

Lie to Me is an American television series which revolves around the life and works of Dr. Carl Lightman and his company, The Lightman Group. They are deception experts who assists in investigations by reaching truths through applied psychology, interpreting microexpressions and body language.

I was drawn to science of interpreting facial expressions. Especially what they call microexpression. That specific gesture that determines the real feeling of one person.

I was always wondering how to identify the lies from the truths. The real from the hidden. I was always thinking of the actual meaning of every gesture. And this series shows how.

I was able to finish Season One in two days. And I'm now looking forward to watching the second season. Looking forward to learning more things. Now, everytime I talk to someone, I find myself intently watching his/her expression. Finding those "microexpressions" and find the hidden feeling behind every smile. Every raised eyebrow. Every line and crease in a forehead.

This one is a must see guys. And I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did.


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